Could Interference be a Smart Home Wrecker?


Taking Universities Beyond Online Learning Management | 2U


Watch "Essence of linear algebra" on YouTube
Watch "3Blue1Brown" on YouTube
ManimCommunity/manim: Animation engine for explanatory math videos
Watch "Neat proofs/perspectives" on YouTube
3b1b/manim: Animation engine for explanatory math videos
Watch "3Blue1Brown" on YouTube
Getting Started Animating with manim and Python 3.7 | Talking Physics
Who/what is 3blue1brown? — 3Blue1Brown
3Blue1Brown - Wikipedia

3d circuit

New method 3D prints fully functional electronic circuits The Engineer

3d contour

surfit: open source gridding and contouring software
Drone Mapping Software - OpenDroneMap
Visualizing Large Scale 3D Terrain with Open Source Tools - HERE Developer
Online resources to build topography 3D models | Map and Data Library

3d face

Three-dimensional face recognition - Wikipedia
4dface - Face tracking and 3D personal avatar creation
3D Face Reconstruction

3d math

Watch "Three-dimensional linear transformations | Essence of linear algebra, chapter 5" on YouTube
Watch "Math for Game Programmers: Interaction With 3D Geometry" on YouTube

3d ML

zhenheny/LEGO: LEGO: Learning Edge with Geometry all at Once by Watching Videos
Beyond the pixel plane: sensing and learning in 3D

3d printing

4 Awesome DIY CNC Machines You Can Build Today [Quick Guide]
Enable Auto Leveling for your 3D Printer with an inductive sensor (Marlin Firmware)
Combination CNC Machine and 3D Printer
RAMPS 1.4 - RepRapWiki
BBC News - 3D printers could create customise...
DIY RepStrap 3D Printer Uses Wood and Glue as Its Primary Components | | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
Stronger 3D Prints — Glue Or Carbon Fiber? | Hackaday
RepRap Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3D printers for ceramics, concrete and pastes, extruders and print heads - StoneFlower 3D printer for ceramics
Printrun: Pure Python 3d printing host software
RepRap - RepRapWiki
GitHub - MarlinFirmware/Marlin: Optimized firmware for RepRap 3D printers based on the Arduino platform.
Printing Liquid Concrete | Hackaday
Home | Marlin Firmware
RAMPS 1.4.4 - RepRap
Slic3r - Open source 3D printing toolbox
ErikZalm/Marlin · GitHub
A Practical Dual-Arm SCARA 3D Printer | Hackaday

3d scan

Watch "How to 3D Photoscan Easy and Free!" on YouTube


3GPP - Wikipedia


5G - Wikipedia
Why Comcast Is Dead Wrong About 5G Networks
Comcast: We can make 5G work | FierceWireless

8-bit Guy

The 8-Bit Guy - The 8-Bit Guy's Website
The 8-Bit Guy is creating Retro Computer Videos | Patreon

A Byte of Python

Introduction · A Byte of Python

Watch "MIT 6.01SC Introduction to EECS I" on YouTube
MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
Introduction — python-deltasigma v0.2.2 documentation
Kenney • Platformer Kit
GitHub - xesscorp/skidl: SKiDL is a module that extends Python with the ability to design electronic circuits.
Home - low level
drifter1/circuitsim: Implementing a full-on electronic circuit simulator, studying the whole concept and physics behind it!
Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare
motevets/hearing-amplifier-prototypes: Hacked together hearing amplifiers in Kotlin (for Android), golang, and C
Kenney • Home
Usage ideas & examples | IPFS Docs
Tool for procedurally generating Lego structures - LEGO Digital Designer and other digital tools - Eurobricks Forums

Aaron Christianson

ninjaaron (Aaron Christianson) / Repositories


Abacus - Wikipedia


Abortion Statistics | Right to Life of Holland

abstract algebra

Abstract algebra - Wikipedia
Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications (A Free Textbook)
Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications (A Free Textbook)
Abstract Algebra -- from Wolfram MathWorld


amiturgman/aCLI: Anode Command Line Interface


Home · ACME.jl
HSU-ANT/ACME.jl: ACME.jl - Analog Circuit Modeling and Emulation for Julia


Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Adafruit Feather

Feather Specification | Introducing Adafruit Feather | Adafruit Learning System
Feather - A complete line of development boards from Adafruit that are both standalone and stackable
Feather - A complete line of development boards from Adafruit that are both standalone and stackable


How to increase ADC accuracy in single conversion mode? | AVR Freaks
Cascading ADC's to get higher resolution - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
How to improve the 10 bit ADC resolution of my Arduino Uno board - Quora
The ABCs of ADCs: Understanding How ADC Errors Affect System Performance - Tutorial - Maxim
Oversampling with averaging to increase ADC resolution | Embedded
External components improve SAR-ADC accuracy | EDN
Voltage Reference Scaling Technique Increases ADC Accuracy to Keep Costs Down - Application Note - Maxim
How to Improve ADC Resolution
The secret of using noise to improve your ADC’s performance - Analog Wire - Blogs - TI E2E Community
Improving ADC resolution - Freetronics Forum
Interleaving ADCs: Unraveling the Mysteries | Analog Devices


Overview | Adafruit 4-Channel ADC Breakouts | Adafruit Learning System


Overview | Adafruit 4-Channel ADC Breakouts | Adafruit Learning System

ADC breakout

Arduino Code | Adafruit 4-Channel ADC Breakouts | Adafruit Learning System
Overview | Adafruit 4-Channel ADC Breakouts | Adafruit Learning System


What is ADHD? | CDC


How to Make Pine Sap Glue –
How to Make Waterproof Glue
How To Make Pine Pitch Glue Primitive Skills
Making Epoxy Resins
Dynamite Skills: Pitch - "Survival Epoxy"
WEST SYSTEM Epoxy - Marine Grade Resins & Hardeners
Making Hide Glue - Survival Skills
Epoxy - Wikipedia
How to make glue in the wild (pine pitch glue) - Wilderness Arena Survival
Watch "How To Make Glue (5 Types)" on YouTube

Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts | Explore unlimited fonts


AdoptOpenJDK - Open source, prebuilt OpenJDK binaries
Latest release | AdoptOpenJDK - Open source, prebuilt OpenJDK binaries

AdoptOpenJDK Linux

Installation | AdoptOpenJDK - Open source, prebuilt OpenJDK binaries


Advanced Encryption Standard - Wikipedia


Massive veterans group uses intel, satellite images to direct Afghan interpreters around Taliban checkpoints | Fox News

Agatha Christie

The Complete Works of Agatha Christie : Agatha Christie : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Agatha Christie - Wikipedia
Books by Christie, Agatha (sorted by popularity) - Project Gutenberg


Engineers Cookbooks
ahkab · PyPI
Operating Point Analysis with Ahkab
ahkab/ahkab: a SPICE-like electronic circuit simulator written in Python
Ahkab 0.18 Docs — ahkab 0.18 documentation
ahkab/ at master · ahkab/ahkab · GitHub
Documentation User defined element · Issue #36 · ahkab/ahkab · GitHub
Pole-Zero example — ahkab 0.18 documentation
ahkab.symbolic — ahkab 0.18 documentation - circuit simulator
Ahkab For Transient and AC Analysis

Ahmad Bazzi

Watch "Ahmad Bazzi" on YouTube
‪ahmad bazzi‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬
Ahmad BAZZI | Signal Processing Engineer | Ph.D, Eng


Communities in Washington State | Aho Construction
Aho Construction | New Homes in Vancouver WA
Rivendell Phase 3 in Vancouver | Aho Construction
Cody Estates in Vancouver | Aho Construction
2061 Floor Plan | Washington Home Builder | Aho Construction
Rivendell Phase 4 in Vancouver | Aho Construction
Hidden Crest Phase 3 in Vancouver | Aho Construction

AI • Home of the HTM Community
TensorFlow - Wikipedia
Love the Amazon Echo? Meet these 3 open source projects |
Python Programming Tutorials
History of artificial intelligence - Wikipedia
Kai-Fu Lee - Wikipedia
googlecreativelab/aiexperiments-ai-duet: A piano that responds to you.
Open Assistant: Open Source AI OS
Set-up your Mac for Deep Learning with Python, Tensorflow and Keras — Data Weekends - A crash course with real exposure to code and data
owainlewis/awesome-artificial-intelligence: A curated list of Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses, books, video lectures and papers
An introduction to machine learning with scikit-learn — scikit-learn 0.19.1 documentation
Machine Learning & Open Source Speech-to-text Engine Development Project
vavrek/Open-Assistant: Open Source AI OS
Exploring the shapes of stories using Python and sentiment APIs
how to install tensorflow on anaconda python 3.6 - Stack Overflow
Apache SystemML - Declarative Large-Scale Machine Learning
Jasper | Control everything with your voice
Top 20 Python AI and Machine Learning Open Source Projects
Open Assistant
Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit
Oryx – Overview
Keras Documentation
Q learning … Using Arduino Mega2560 and IPython, getting started
Machine Learning Notebooks
The Crest of Wave Computing
A Painless Q-Learning Tutorial
Python Machine Learning: Scikit-Learn Tutorial (article) - DataCamp
We Wouldn’t Be Able to Control Superintelligent Machines | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
AIY Projects
PythonForArtificialIntelligence - Python Wiki
Deeplearning4j: Open-source, Distributed Deep Learning for the JVM
Machine Learning Using Jupyter Notebooks on Graham | WestGrid
kailashahirwar/cheatsheets-ai: Essential Cheat Sheets for deep learning and machine learning researchers
Practical Deep Learning for Coders, v3 | course v3
Apache Mahout
Open Assistant: Open Source AI OS
This Open-Source AI Voice Assistant Is Challenging Siri and Alexa for Market Superiority
Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, TensorFlow and Keras – Margaret Maynard-Reid – Medium
Get started with machine learning using Python |
Jupyter Notebook Viewer
Welcome to Apache PredictionIO®!
Installing TensorFlow  |  TensorFlow
From learning Python to building a neural network: A resource roundup |
15 Top Open Source Artificial Intelligence Tools
OpenCyc – Cycorp
OpenNN | Open Neural Networks Library
tensorflow/tensorflow: Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning
Sentdex Analysis
MLlib | Apache Spark
How to install Keras with a TensorFlow backend for deep learning | In Machines We Trust
How to Setup a Python Environment for Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Anaconda
Installing tensorflow with Pip Python 3.5 anaconda in windows - Stack Overflow
Essentials of Machine Learning Algorithms (with Python and R Codes)
15 Top Open Source Artificial Intelligence Tools
Wave Computing

AI book

10 Free Must-read Books on AI

AI Writing

“Plotto”: Generating Truly Offensive Stories Since 1928.
How to write with artificial intelligence – Deep Writing – Medium
Computer Linguistics and Sentence Synthesis
Python – lapsus linguae
knole/ at master · bonfiredog/knole
Computer Stories: A.I. Is Beginning to Assist Novelists
Topic: fictional-characters
rossgoodwin/plotgen: OUTDATED VERSION collective consciousness fiction generator
Automatic Writing With Deep Learning - DZone AI
Writing a Python Book... in Python
story-teller/ at master · Rinik/story-teller
shaildeliwala/delbot: It understands your voice commands, searches news and knowledge sources, and summarizes and reads out content to you.
cartisan/plotmas: Computational storyteller based on an extended Jason Multi Agent Simulation Architecture.
Using openCV and NLTK to Make Speech Synthesis Animation – Kaze's Mind
Delbot: building an NLP-based, voice-driven bot from scratch in Python
word-rnn-tensorflow/ at master · hunkim/word-rnn-tensorflow
A Python Script that Writes 800-page Children’s Books – Zach Whalen
Why I love National Novel Generation Month – Liza Daly – Medium



Handmade products with all my love by AiiCrafts on Etsy

air rifle

Watch "AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle" on YouTube
Watch "Girardoni Air Gun (original 1780 example)" on YouTube
Girardoni air rifle - Wikipedia


AISpace2 — Tutorial


Ajax (programming) - Wikipedia
AJAX Introduction


The Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG | Albion Online


SparkFun À La Carte - À La Carte - SparkFun Electronics


Aleph number - Wikipedia

Aleph 0

Watch "How to learn pure mathematics on your own: a complete self-study guide" on YouTube
must see references
Watch "Aleph 0" on YouTube

Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson - Wikipedia
Alex Berenson – Winner of the Edgar Award and #1 New York Times Best Seller

Alex Smola

Watch "Alex Smola" on YouTube

algebra GitHub

algebra · GitHub Topics


Methods of computing square roots - Wikipedia
Basic mathematics

Alistair Begg

Watch "Alistair Begg" on YouTube

Allen Downey

AllenDowney · GitHub

Allie Beth Stuckey

Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey - TheBlaze
Allie Beth Stuckey - Wikipedia

Alonzo Church

Alonzo Church - Wikipedia

Alpine email

Alpine (email client) - Wikipedia

amateur radio

Ham Antennas From MIT | Hackaday
Is a Ham Radio revival taking place? - Quora
Amateur Radio Homebrewing Hack Chat | Hackaday

Amber core

Amber (processor core) - Wikipedia


Home - AmblesideOnline - Charlotte Mason Curriculum


Intel is losing against AMD | Engadget
Welcome to AMD ׀ High-Performance Processors and Graphics

AMD B550

AMD Socket AM4 B550 Motherboards | AMD

AMD Dev Guides

Developer Guides, Manuals & ISA Documents - AMD

AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-Core 3.8 GHz (4.6 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 105W

AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-Core 3.8 GHz (4.6 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 105W 100-100000023BOX Desktop Processor -

AMD Tech Docs

Tech Docs | AMD

American Gospel

American Gospel - HOME


How Hornady Ammunition Is Made — Step-by-Step Process « Daily Bulletin
Primer (firearms) - Wikipedia
How ammunition is made - material, manufacture, history, used, parts, components, dimensions, machine
Watch "How Ammo Is Made - Go Inside Remington's Ammunition Plant" on YouTube
What metal are primers made out of, and can it be recycled? | The High Road


AMP for Email Format -
Bringing the power of AMP to Gmail


Amtrak - Reservations - Select Departure Train
Amtrak Cascades - Wikipedia


Anaconda-Platform · GitHub
:: Anaconda Cloud
Getting Started with Anaconda Distribution
User guide — Anaconda documentation
Distribution - Success - Anaconda
Anaconda Documentation — Anaconda 2.0 documentation
Installing conda packages — Anaconda documentation

Anaconda IDE

Using IDEs — Anaconda 2.0 documentation

Anaconda Linux

Installing on Linux — Anaconda documentation

Anaconda repo

Anaconda Installers and Packages

Anaconda uninstall

Uninstalling Anaconda — Anaconda documentation


Anacyclosis - Wikipedia


Analog Devices

Analog Devices Wiki [Analog Devices Wiki]
Mixed-signal and digital signal processing ICs | Analog Devices

Analog Devices audio DSP

Audio Signal Processing Solutions | Analog Devices


Bible Study app, by And Bible Open Source Project
AndBible/and-bible: Bible Study app, by And Bible Open Source Project

Andrea Bizzotto

bizz84 (Andrea Bizzotto)
Code With Andrea - Dart, Flutter & Firebase app development tutorials

Andrew Brunson

Andrew & Norine Brunson | WaveStarters | Non Profit Organization

Andrew Tanenbaum

Andrew S. Tanenbaum - Wikipedia


Run apps on the Android Emulator  |  Android Developers
Document  |  Android Developers
Android NDK | Android Developers
Build with Android Things
API reference  |  Android Developers
Android software development - Wikipedia
open source Android apps - Google Search
Android Things Gets Official 1.0 Release. Wait, What the Heck Is Android Things?
Meet Android Studio  |  Android Developers
Android (operating system) - Wikipedia
Android Architecture Components  |  Android Developers
Android Open Source Project
Android apps on GitHub - Google Search
An introduction to Python on Android - Android Authority
Android Open Accessory Development Kit...
Guide to app architecture  |  Android Developers
Android Things  |  Android Developers
Android SDK | Android Developers
Support Library | Android Developers
Android application package - Wikipedia
mbed with Android ADK - Cookbook | mbed
Platform Architecture  |  Android Developers
Android Developers
Question - Quora
Android Developers
Developer Guides  |  Android Developers
Documentation  |  Android Developers
F-Droid - Wikipedia

Android amazing

TryGhost/Ghost-Android: 🤖 Ghost for Android
38 Amazing Open Source Android Apps written in Java
Mybridge/amazing-android-apps: Amazing open source Android apps written in Java.

Android app

Topic: android-app
20+ Awesome Open-Source Android Apps To Boost Your Development Skills
pcqpcq/open-source-android-apps: Open-Source Android Apps
40 Best Free And Open Source Android Apps in 2019 - Antony Agnel
16 Best Android Apps Not on Google Play Store of 2019 | Tech Arrival
50+ Open Source Android Apps When You Want to Ditch Google | TechWiser
List of free and open-source Android applications - Wikipedia
28 Free And Best Android Apps For 2019 | Get The Most Out Of Your Phone
Mybridge/amazing-android-apps: Amazing open source Android apps written in Java.
40 Best Free And Open Source Android Apps in 2019 - Antony Agnel
12 Best Free And Open Source Android Apps Every User Should Try In 2018
open-source-android-apps/ at master · pcqpcq/open-source-android-apps
Fossdroid: Free and open source Android apps
28 Free And Best Android Apps For 2019 | Get The Most Out Of Your Phone
12 Best Free And Open Source Android Apps Every User Should Try In 2018
50+ Open Source Android Apps When You Want to Ditch Google | TechWiser
F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
Android Sample Code and Directory of libraries for Android Developers -
16 Best Android Apps Not on Google Play Store of 2019 | Tech Arrival
38 Amazing Open Source Android Apps written in Java

Android audio

android-audio-high-performance/ at master · googlesamples/android-audio-high-performance
google/oboe: Oboe is a C++ library which makes it easy to build high-performance audio apps on Android.
High-Performance Audio | Android Developers

Android CodePath

Sample Android Apps · codepath/android_guides Wiki
Home · codepath/android_guides Wiki

Android file transfer

Android File Transfer

Android game

Topic: android-game

Android NDK

Android NDK | Android Developers
android-ndk/ndk: The Android Native Development Kit
GitHub - android/ndk: The Android Native Development Kit
Android NDK  |  Android Developers

Android NDK audio latency

Audio latency  |  Android NDK  |  Android Developers

Android NDK sample

GitHub - jetruby/superpowered-ndk-example: Sample project demonstrating how to setup a project with Android NDK, include a native C++ library, Superpowered SDK and mix Java code with C/C++
GitHub - LunarG/VulkanSamples: Vulkan Samples
android/ndk-samples · GitHub
Quickstart for Android NDK  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers
android/ndk-samples · GitHub
GitHub - android/ndk-samples: Android NDK samples with Android Studio
GitHub - playgameservices/cpp-android-basic-samples: Sample games using the Google Play Games C++ SDK
GitHub - android/ndk-samples: Android NDK samples with Android Studio

Android NDK tutorial

Watch "Introduction to NDK" on YouTube

Android P2P

Wi-Fi peer-to-peer overview  |  Android Developers
Create P2P connections with Wi-Fi  |  Android Developers

Android Photon

Android tablet as a Particle Photon display (with direct connection)? - General - Particle
Using TCP to communicate between an Android and Photon without cloud connection - Mobile - Particle

Android Processing

Home · processing/processing-android Wiki

Android Python

Developing Android Apps completely in Python · PyCon Nove · Firenze, 19-22 Aprile 2018
Using Python for Mobile Development: Kivy vs BeeWare –
Getting Started — python-for-android 0.1 documentation
python-for-android/README.rst at master · kivy/python-for-android
An introduction to Python on Android - Android Authority

Android root

Rooting (Android) - Wikipedia

Android sensor

Topic: android-sensor
SensingKit/SensingKit-Android: An Android framework that provides Mobile Sensing functionality to your apps.
sztyler/sensordatacollector: Android Sensor Data Collector:
mvglasow/satstat: Android Location, Sensor and Radio Network Status

Android sensor fusion

KalebKE/FSensor: Android Sensor Filter and Fusion
apacha/sensor-fusion-demo: This repository contains several different sensor-fusion implementation that can be compared with each other.
njanakiev/android-sensor-fusion-cubes: Android Virtual Reality Demonstration using Sensor Fusion and OpenGL ES 2.0

Android sensor server

How to transmit Android real-time sensor data to computer? - Stack Overflow
Demos for Generic Sensor API | Generic Sensor API playground
rikvermeer/Android-Sensor-Server: An android 4.1 sensor reader that acts as a (broadcast) server
Modbus Monitor - Sensor Server
Scratch Sensor 2.0 | Android smartphone sensors to Scratch 2.0 @ ScratchX
Build an IoT Viz with Your Android Phone's Sensors -
yaqwsx/SensorStreamer: Stream sensor values from your Android device

Android sensors

Sensors Overview  |  Android Developers

Android speedometer

praharshjain/SpeedoMeter: SpeedoMeter app for android
anastr/SpeedView: Dynamic Speedometer and Gauge for Android. amazing, powerful, and multi shape
ajithvgiri/Speedometer: This is an android speedometer application which works basically like the advanced speedometer.
mypapit/speedometer-android: A simple speedometer application for Android
vinnie-b/Android-Speedometer: Using Google FusedLocationProviderClient to get device speed
flyingrub/SpeedMeter: Display the gps speed [Android]
DrBrad/Android-Speedometer: Android speedometer app done with java

Android SRE

Watch "Android App Reverse Engineering LIVE! - Part 1" on YouTube
Watch "Beginners Guide to Reverse Engineering Android Apps" on YouTube

Android Studio
Meet Android Studio  |  Android Developers

Android Terminal

Home · jackpal/Android-Terminal-Emulator Wiki

Android Things

Android Things  |  Android Developers
Android Things - Wikipedia
IoT With Google's Android Things -

Android Vulkan

Vulkan  |  Android Open Source Project

Android Wikimedia

apps-android-wikipedia/ at master · wikimedia/apps-android-wikipedia

Android writing

MarquisLP/World-Scribe: An Android app for fictional world-building
blinry/roboboy: A personal wiki for Android with Git synchronization
gsantner/markor: Text editor - Notes & ToDo (for Android). Supporting Markdown and todo.txt

Android YouTube

YouTube Android Player API  |  YouTube Android Player API  |  Google Developers

angle grinder

Angle grinder flat cut-off jig

animal behavior

Preaching Julia to biologists - Community / Teaching & Outreach - JuliaLang

animal movement

animal-movement · GitHub Topics

animated math

Embedding Matplotlib Animations in Jupyter as Interactive JavaScript Widgets | Louis Tiao
Embedding animation into Jupyter Notebook
Search • animation

Ann Kiemel

ann kiemel


Hiking Pole Turned Lightweight Yagi Antenna | Hackaday
NanoVNA Tests Antenna Pattern | Hackaday

Anthony Fauci

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Anthony Fauci - Wikipedia




define antinomian - Google Search


Life Stalker: 7 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Ants
Welcome | School of Ants
5 Leadership Skills We Can Learn From Ants
7 Life Lessons You Can Learn From An Ant | Diana Quartey
Ant - Wikipedia

API Monitor

API Monitor: Spy on API Calls and COM Interfaces (Freeware 32-bit and 64-bit Versions!) |
API Monitor - Spy and display Win32 API calls made by applications


FPGAwars/apio: Open source ecosystem for open FPGA boards



Exchange + Repair Extension Programs - Apple Support

Applied Science

Ben Krasnow
Watch "Applied Science" on YouTube


Apriorit – Software Outsourcing Company: Driver Developers, C++ Programmers, Reverse Engineers for Hire


APSW documentation — APSW 3.35.4-r1 documentation
rogerbinns/apsw: Another Python SQLite wrapper


apt Command in Linux | Linuxize
Synaptic (software) - Wikipedia
How to display reverse package dependencies
How to visually display dependencies of a package? - Ask Ubuntu
apt(8) — apt — Debian buster — Debian Manpages
Using apt Commands in Linux [Complete Guide] - It's FOSS
Synaptic Package Manager - Home
AptGet/Howto - Community Help Wiki
APT (software) - Wikipedia


aptitude user's manual
6.5. Frontends: aptitude, synaptic
How to display reverse package dependencies


Aqsis Renderer
Aqsis - Wikipedia

arc length

Arc length - Wikipedia


Internet Archive Search: Archimedes
Archimedes - Wikipedia


Sound Localization using Arduino -Use Arduino for Projects
Realtime audio processing with Arduino
SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro - USB-C (ATmega32U4) - DEV-15795 - SparkFun Electronics
Live plotting data from the serial port using Python, Matplotlib and an Arduino – Bennis Welt
Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories
Arduino launches a new modular platform for IoT development – TechCrunch
Using Python with Arduino | Technology Tutorials
Arduino oscilloscope with 7 lines of code - Build Electronic Circuits
GitHub - rheingoldheavy/arduino_uno_r3_from_scratch: Complete KiCad Arduino UNO R3 Schematic and BOM
beli-sk/oscilloscope: Simple tool for analyzing voltage levels over time using Arduino
Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories — Arduino Online Shop
A PC and an Arduino: here’s your DIY Oscilloscope - Open Electronics
Playing with Arduino in an IPython Notebook - IPython
Q learning … Using Arduino Mega2560 and IPython, getting started
Arduino - Home
arduino/Arduino · GitHub
Girino - Fast Arduino Oscilloscope
Jupyter Notebook Viewer
Plotting real-time data from Arduino using Python
- py_arduino.cli.* Reference
Arduino+Processing Oscilloscope
Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 - DEV-14870 - SparkFun Electronics
Arduino - HomePage
This is an IPython Notebook that contains a proof of concept of communicating with an Arduino. · GitHub
Arduino Playground - Filters
The AVR and the Arduino
brendan-w/openscope: Arduino-based oscilloscope
Arduino Playground - Python
Arduino - Bootloader
Jupyter Notebook Viewer
A Really Simple Arduino Oscilloscope Tutorial
Arduino - Oscilloscope (poor Man's Oscilloscope)

Arduino API

Arduino Reference

Arduino avr toolchain

Arduino - FAQ
arduino/toolchain-avr: The AVR toolchain used by the Arduino IDE

Arduino compare

Arduino - Compare

Arduino DAC

Build a simple DAC for your Arduino - Arduino Project Hub
Arduino - AnalogWriteResolution

Arduino Due

Getting started with the Arduino Due | Arduino
Arduino Due | Arduino Official Store

Arduino gcc

Arduino - UsingAVR
Programming Arduino Uno in pure C – Freedom Embedded
angryelectron | How To Build and Burn Arduino UNO Bootloader with STK500
Arduino in C | Freedom Embedded

Arduino gcc scratch

Building an Arduino sketch from scratch

Arduino hearing aid

DIY Hearing Aid | Hackaday
Intelligent Hearing Aid

Arduino IDE

Arduino Blog » Arduino Pro IDE (alpha preview) with advanced features
Arduino IDE - Wikipedia
Arduino - Software
Software | Arduino

Arduino lib

All Libraries - Arduino Libraries
Arduino Libraries

Arduino Mbed

Run Arduino libraries and sketches on Mbed OS

Arduino mbed-os

Arduino Mega 2560

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 | Arduino Official Store

Arduino MKR

Arduino SD

Arduino - SD


Arithmetic - Wikipedia

ARK: Survival Evolved

Buy ARK: Survival Evolved - Microsoft Store


Architecting a Smarter World – Arm
Why ARM opened up its instruction set and what it means for IoT – Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis
GNU Toolchain for ARM Processors
Ethernut 3 ARM 7 Ethernet Microcontroller Board...
ARM Evaluation Boards Comparison
ARM architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclop...
ARMbasic Help
System-on-Chip Design with Arm Cortex-M Book
Home – ARM Developer
ArmDebug - Bertrik's wiki
EE2 Computing Course main page
Photon Development Guide -
CMSIS - Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard - ARM
Keil Embedded Development Tools for ARM7/ARM9/C...
ARM ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMING; tutorial, resources, and examples
ARM Microcontroller HOWTO
Assembler User Guide: Writing ARM Assembly Language
Andrew Sterian
Open On-Chip Debugger
Adam Pierce
AT91 SAM Portal
ARM projects
ARM Ltd. - /ARM and AMBA Architecture/CMSIS MCU Software Standard
Arm Responds to RISC-V, and More | EE Times
ARM Information Center
Amber ARM-compatible core :: Overview :: OpenCores
Toolchains -
Modern Programming: Embedded: ARM development o...
ARM GCC toolchain for Linux and Mac OS X - www....
ARM Assembly Language Programming
Assembler User Guide: ARM Compiler v5.06 for µVision armasm User Guide
NXP Semiconductors
Arm core :: Overview :: OpenCores
ARM University Program - Tools
Philips LPC2124 (ARM) Ethernet Board
Open Source Software – Arm
ARM Microcontroller HOWTO
Tutorial: Assembly Language with the...
NXP Semiconductors - Online user community and ...
96Boards- 32- and 64-bit ARM Boards - Develop & Prototype ARM
Red Hat releases eCos 1.3 open-source embedded OS
GCC ARM Improvement Project
Introducing ARM assembly language
ARM assembler in Raspberry Pi
Atmel AT91SAM 32-bit ARM-based Microcontrollers...
VS Electronics and Embedded Development » Setti...
Building a GNU/Linux ARM Toolchain
CMAKE build enviroment for CMSIS MCUs | Free software downloads at
Amber (processor core) - Wikipedia
Open Source Software – Arm Developer
Atmel Products - Tools & Software
Arm Announces Neoverse N1 & E1 Platforms & CPUs: Enabling A Huge Jump In Infrastructure Performance
Commercial open source RTOS gains CAN bus support
Can Arm Survive RISC-V Challenge? | EE Times
Atmel ARM-based processors - Wikipedia
SkyEye - Open Source Simulator
ARM Linux Development
An introduction to the Scratchbox cross-develop...
ARM Launches Free Developer Toolkit For Android [News]
ARM Linux
Keil Embedded Development Tools for ARM7/ARM9/C... ARM7 NXP (formerly a division of Phil...
FreeRTOS - A Free RTOS - Atmel AT91 ARM7 Port
ARM architecture - Wikipedia
Tonc: Whirlwind Tour of ARM Assembly
GameBoy Advance Dev'rs - Docs
Atmel Corporation
HRI Tools

ARM architecture

ARM Cortex-A

ARM Cortex-M

ARM Cortex-R

ARM dev

Home – ARM Developer


Technologies | DSP for Cortex-M – Arm Developer


System-on-Chip Design with Arm Cortex-M Book


i.MX RT Series: MCU/Applications Crossover Processor | Arm® Cortex®-M7 | NXP
i.MX RT Crossover MCUs – Maximizing your Design Flexibility - NXP Blog

ARM IoT security

Software Developers’ Guide to IoT Security


Machine Learning on Arm | Cross-compile Arm NN and Tensorflow for the Raspberry Pi – Arm Developer
IP Products | Arm NN – Arm Developer

ARM security

ARM Lab (VM) | Azeria Labs

ARM toolchain

Prebuilt GNU Toolchains for Windows
ARM Compiler toolchain Building Linux Applications with the ARM Compiler toolchain and GNU Libraries Version 5.01 | Building a shared library with the ARM Compiler toolchain – Arm Developer

ARM toolchain oss

Open Source Software and Platforms - Arm Community

ARM Unity

Arm Guide for Unity Developers Optimizing Mobile Gaming Graphics Version 4.0 – Arm Developer


Virtual Reality Best Practices for Mobile - Graphics and Gaming blog - Graphics and Gaming - Arm Community

ARM Windows

Windows on ARM can finally emulate x64 apps in latest preview | Engadget

ARM Xilinx

Arm expands design possibilities with free Cortex-M processors – Arm®

Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Messianic Jewish Ministry Bible Teachings | Ariel Ministries
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dr. Fruchtenbaum Jewish Book Author
Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Wikipedia


Popular Electronic Components Manufacturers |


Creating Artemis - News - SparkFun Electronics

Artemis 1

Artemis 1 - Wikipedia


ASCII - Wikipedia

Ask Gamedev

Watch "Ask Gamedev" on YouTube


Jasmin Home Page
Raspberry Pi Assembly Programming – Stephen Smith's Blog
Java(tm) Bytecode Assembler
Tonc: Whirlwind Tour of ARM Assembly
A Java Programmer's Guide to Assembler Language
davidar/jasmin: Jasmin is an assembler for the Java Virtual Machine
TUM-LRR/Jasmin: Java Assembler Interpreter
Java Assembly Language
Java Assembly Language
Assembler User Guide: Writing ARM Assembly Language
Launch Java Applications from Assembly Language Programs | Oracle Core Java Technologies Tech Tips Blog
ARM ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMING; tutorial, resources, and examples
ARM Information Center
Tutorial: Assembly Language with the...
Java assembler language reference
RosAsm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ARM Assembly Language Programming
Introducing ARM assembly language
Intro to Programming Embedded Systems with Raspberry Pi | Studica Blog
ARM assembler in Raspberry Pi
Assembler User Guide: ARM Compiler v5.06 for µVision armasm User Guide

ASRock support

ASRock > Support

ASRock update firmware

ASRock - BIOS Upgrade Instruction
ASRock > Support

ASRock X570 Taichi

ASRock X570 TAICHI AM4 AMD Premium X570 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Motherboards -
ASRock > X570 Taichi
ASRock > X570 Taichi
ASRock > X570 Taichi
ASRock > X570 Taichi
ASRock > X570 Taichi
ASRock > X570 Taichi


The Universe - A 3D Solar System Simulation Open Source Project on Open Hub
What are the choices today for orbital mechanics simulation software? - Space Exploration Stack Exchange
Britain's best stargazing locations - Telegraph
Kepler-22b - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Planetarium - Interactive star map and virtual sky
World Map of Astronomical Observatory Sites
Maser - Wikipedia
Home - The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0
Escapist Games
SAS/Graph Astronomical Observatory Map
Something strange is going on with the North Star | Live Science
Open Source Software
Commenti - The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0
LIGO | Hanford
Live blog: The huge gravitational wave discovery we've been waiting for is here
Amateur Radio Astronomy - Radio Society of Great Britain - Main Site : Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site
MWC 349 - Wikipedia
Star chart - Wikipedia
Folding gravitational-wave interferometers
LIGO Scientific Collaboration - The science of LSC research
Landing Page | The Arecibo Observatory
Arecibo Observatory Will Live On in Puerto Rico, and Scientists are Thrilled
Open Astrophysics Bookshelf by Open-Astrophysics-Bookshelf
The Greatest “Amateur” Astronomer of All Time – Starts With A Bang! – Medium
A Website For Getting Satellite Passes From Multiple Points on the Earth – Stephen's Blog
National Radio Astronomy Observatory - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Virgo Website
17-year-old discovers planet on third day of internship with NASA
SVS: Voyager 1 Trajectory through the Solar System
TESS - Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite | NASA
DIY AZ/EL Antenna rotator for under 150€ |
20 of the best places to stargaze in the UK | Travel | The Guardian
The Einstein@Home Starsphere Screensaver | Einstein@Home
Space Simulator
Black Hole Echoes Would Reveal Break With Einstein’s Theory | Quanta Magazine
MWC 349, Natural Infra Red Laser Star
Brian Koberlein
Image Gallery | School of Physics & Astronomy Department of Astrophysics
Experiments simultaneously detect gravitational waves – and help open up a new era of astronomy
Space-Qualified Passive Hydrogen Maser
Search for Military Satellite Finds One NASA Lost Instead | Hackaday
Einstein Telescope | Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)
William Maillis, Child Genius, Wants to Prove the Existence of God
Hydrogen maser - Wikipedia
The Mysterious Star MWC349su201744 |
WorldWide Telescope Web Client
"Star" of Bethlehem — Simulating the Universe
Laser Star Astrophysics
jsOrrery - Javascript Solar System Simulator
Interactive Sky Chart - Sky & Telescope
AdLIGO Science
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope | The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Celestia: Home
Charts of the Night Sky -
Deep Space Network - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
[1112.4482] High-Performance Astrophysical Simulations and Analysis with Python
Direct Detection Of Gravitational Waves
MWC 349A
Virgo interferometer - Wikipedia
Vito Technology - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacOS Educational Apps
SkyView Virtual Observatory
Increasing the Sensitivity of Next-Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors | News Releases | The Optical Society
Solar System Simulator | openNASA
17-year-old discovers planet on third day of internship with NASA
LIGO | Livingston
List of astronomical observatories - Wikipedia
Open Source Physics
Gravitational wave - Wikipedia
Advanced Virgo | Listening to the cosmic whisper
2017 List of Astronomical Observatories in the U.S.
Lagrangian point - Wikipedia
LIGO Lab | Caltech | MIT
Vito Technology - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacOS Educational Apps
Start Tracking Satellites with This Low-Cost Azimuth-Elevation Positioner | Hackaday
Hydrogen Masers in Spacesu201307 |
Satellite Tracking With Friends | Hackaday
Guide to Astrophysical Software | astrobites
OpenUniverse: A Free Space Simulator
Terminal Eleven - SkyView - Explore the Universe - Welcome to the ASCL
University of Glasgow :: Schools :: School of Physics and Astronomy :: Research :: Research Groups - Institute for Gravitational Research
First observation of gravitational waves - Wikipedia
MWC 349, a New Radio Star | Nature
Space Engine – the universe simulator
Dark Sky Discovery Sites
LIGO Open Science Center
Gallery: Goddard's Astrophysics Gallery
The mysterious star MWC349
UK Radio Astronomy Association (UKRAA) - Home
NASA Deep Space Network - Wikipedia
GitHub - orbitalindex/awesome-space: 🛰️🚀A list of awesome space-related packages and resources maintained by The Orbital Index
[astro-ph/9511119] Hydrogen Masers. II: MWC349
Home | GEO 600 Portal
3D Solar System Simulator
Enormous Spider Web - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Vito Technology - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacOS Educational Apps
How LIGO Detected Gravitational Waves — NOVA Next | PBS
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope - Wikipedia
Arecibo Observatory - Wikipedia
Build your own radio telescope |
Planet Hunters TESS | Zooniverse - People-powered research
British Astronomical Association - Radio Astronomy Group
Solar System Scope - Online Model of Solar System and Night Sky


Why can't the earth’s curvature be measured? - Quora
Astronomy 161 (Prof. Pogge Au2007)
Measuring the Earth's Curvature Activity

AT Robertson

Archibald Thomas Robertson - Wikipedia

Athey Creek

Athey Creek Christian Fellowship | Through-the-Bible teaching with…

Athey Creek Daniel 4 pride

Watch "Full Service | Sunday September 5, 2021" on YouTube

Athey Creek Ironworks

Athey Men


ATmega2560 - 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers

Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic force microscopy - Wikipedia
A DIY Atomic Force Microscope | Hackaday
The Teaching AFM
Basic Atomic Force Microscope for Routine Sample Imaging and Education
A homemade atomic force microscope based on a quartz tuning fork for undergraduate instruction: American Journal of Physics: Vol 84, No 6
A DIY AFM Whokshop
Atomic Force Microscopy - Nanoscience Instruments
Building An Atomic Force Microscope On The Cheap! | Hackaday


ATX - Wikipedia


Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.


Sound Localization using Arduino -Use Arduino for Projects
YSE - cross-platform sound engine
JACK Audio Connection Kit - Wikipedia
SoX - Sound eXchange | HomePage
How to build a two-way audio player and recorder with particle photon and Arduino | Computer Security - Quora
Reddit - gamedev - What's the best cross-platform audio lib these days? Is OpenAL still relevant?
RuneAudio - Embedded Hi-Fi music player
Trail: Sound (The Java™ Tutorials)
JACK Audio Connection Kit - Wikipedia
ardour - the digital audio workstation
The Network Audio System (NAS)
Seize the Full Potential from Your Micro Speakers
JACK | connecting a world of audio
TEJATJ/TestHearing: Android App for Audio Transmission Project
Comparison of free software for audio - Wikipedia
23 open source audio-visual production tools |
JACK Audio Connection Kit|Downloads
JACK Audio Connection Kit
The great audio myth: why you don’t need that 32-bit DAC
PyAudio 0.2.9 : Python Package Index
PortAudio - an Open-Source Cross-Platform Audio API
Line level - Wikipedia
Wi-Fi Walkie Talkies! -
Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.
Line level - Wikipedia

audio bit depth

audio book

LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks

audio DSP

Watch "Learn Audio DSP 1: Getting started with Octave and making a sine oscillator" on YouTube

audio mixer

ExistentialAudio/BlackHole: BlackHole is a modern macOS virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero additional latency.
mattingalls/Soundflower: MacOS system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications.
Release Signed Version for Yosemite/Mavericks/El Capitan/Sierra/High Sierra · mattingalls/Soundflower · GitHub

audio signal processing
audio-signal-processing · GitHub Topics

Audrey Tavares

Tech Writing Matters – resources and insights into technical writing
Watch "How to Document using Sphinx: Part 4—Using Git to push docs to GitHub" on YouTube


Auth0: Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.


Introduction to GNU Autotools |


Piper Cub Era : Beverly M. Butler : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Stick And Rudder An Explanation Of The Art Of Flying : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
ford trimotor - Google Search
Build a Piper J3 Cub (Full Blueprints) : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive
Lightest Vehicle Ever Achieves Fully Untethered Flight
clipper airplane - Google Search
Ruppert Archaeopteryx - Wikipedia

avr toolchain

[AVR Tools]


GitHub - sindresorhus/awesome: 😎 Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics

Awesome CLI

GitHub - agarrharr/awesome-cli-apps: 🖥 📊 🕹 🛠 A curated list of command line apps

Awesome Python

Awesome Python
GitHub - vinta/awesome-python: A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources


Gawk - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
onetrueawk/awk: One true awk
AWK - Wikipedia


Alphabet Workers Union
Google workers announce plans to unionize - The Verge


Home - Axolot Games

Azeria Labs

Azeria Labs

Babylon Bee

The Babylon Bee | Your Trusted Source for Christian News Satire.


Backupy-tool · PyPI
Install BackuPy on Ubuntu using the Snap Store | Snapcraft
Install BackuPy for Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft
BackuPy · PyPI


Watch "Unmanned capability: supporting naval operations of the future at BAE Systems" on YouTube
BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships - Wikipedia


Daniel Stenberg -

barn door

Watch "DIY Barn Door Hardware Under $50 | No Welding | Woodbrew Plans" on YouTube
Watch "DIY Rustic Barn door Hardware - Under $10 - No bending or Welding" on YouTube
Watch "Sliding Barn Door - How To Woodworking" on YouTube
Watch "How-To Make DIY Sliding Barn-Door Hardware" on YouTube


Linux Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Linux and the Bash Command Line
pure-bash-bible/ at master · dylanaraps/pure-bash-bible
BASH Programming - Introduction HOW-TO
3 command line games for learning Bash the fun way |
Bash Guide for Beginners
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
GNU Bash manual - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
What is the difference between .bash_profile and .bashrc? - Ask Different
10 resources to become a better Bash user |
Scripting OS X – #! is not a curse word
How to program with Bash: Syntax and tools |
About bash_profile and bashrc on macOS – Scripting OS X

bash debug

How can I debug $PATH? - Stack Overflow

bash path

How Does PATH Work in Bash – Linux Hint

bash trap

Using Bash traps in your scripts |


GitHub - aristocratos/bpytop: Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor
GitHub - aristocratos/bashtop: Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor

Bastiaan Olij

BastiaanOlij (Bastiaan Olij)
Watch "Bastiaan Olij" on YouTube

Bay's Rule

Watch "The medical test paradox: Can redesigning Bayes rule help?" on YouTube

Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry - A Guide

BC127 Bluetooth

Understanding the BC127 Bluetooth Module -

BeagleBoard - community supported open hardware computers for making

Watch "What is Beamforming?" on YouTube


Watch "Professional Bear Wrangler In Action | The Bear Whisperer | Real Wild" on YouTube


Vancouver’s Crossroads Church pastor pens “Crazy Happy” - The Columbian

Beautiful Soup

Beautiful Soup Documentation — Beautiful Soup 4.4.0 documentation
Beautiful Soup Documentation — Beautiful Soup 4.4.0 documentation
Beautiful Soup: We called him Tortoise because he taught us.
Life is very easy with Python: Beautiful Soup
Beautiful Soup (HTML parser) - Wikipedia
Beautiful Soup Documentation — Beautiful Soup 4.4.0 documentation
beautifulsoup4 · PyPI

Becket Cook

&nbsp — Becket Cook

belt grinder

Watch "Gen 2 Belt Grinder (Metric plans!)" on YouTube

Ben Collins

Welcome Google Sheets fans! - Ben Collins

Ben Eater

Watch "Why build an entire computer on breadboards?" on YouTube
Watch "Ben Eater" on YouTube
Ben Eater

Ben Gomes

(26) Trillions of Questions, No Easy Answers: A (home) movie about how Google Search works - YouTube
Featured Alum: Ben Gomes | ICSI
Google's Ben Gomes on improving search - BBC News

Ben Krasnow

Ben Krasnow
Watch "Applied Science" on YouTube

Ben Lynn

Ben Lynn

bench hook

Watch "Roy Underhill's Bench Hooks" on YouTube


Benchmade Knives & Custom Pocket Knives | Benchmade Knife Company


Watch "Beowulf - Seamus Heaney: Part 2 of 2" on YouTube
Watch "Beowulf - Seamus Heaney: Part 1 of 2" on YouTube

Beowulf cluster

High Performance Computing: An Introduction to Parallel Programming With Beowulf Overview -- FAQ | Mailing List and Archives
Engineering a Beowulf-style Compute Cluster
Curlie - Computers: Parallel Computing: Beowulf Overview -- FAQ
Beowulf cluster - Wikipedia
Building a Raspberry Pi Cluster - Garrett Mills - Medium
MPI for Python — MPI for Python 3.0.2 documentation
High-performance Computing with Beowulf Clusters - PCQuest
Beyond Beowulf Clusters - ACM Queue
Building a Beowulf Cluster in just 13 steps -
Building a Beowulf Cluster for Faster Multiphysics Simulations | COMSOL Blog
Beowulf cluster - Wikipedia
Distributed Computing and Networking: 10th International Conference, ICDCN ... - Vijay Garg, Roger Wattenhofer - Google Books
High Performance Computing | home
Building a Beowulf Cluster | Packt Hub
Beowulf Gigaflop/s Workstation Project
Building a Raspberry Pi Cluster - Garrett Mills - Medium
Beowulf Resources and Links

Beowulf cluster book

Robert G. Brown's Beowulf Page
Building a simple Beowulf cluster with Ubuntu
A Beowulf Cluster for Teaching and Learning - ScienceDirect
Beowulf Resources and Links


jjhelmus/berryconda: Conda based Python distribution for the Raspberry Pi
Watch "Berryconda Scientific Python on the Raspberry Pi | SciPy 2017 | Jonathan Helmus" on YouTube


Bible Map: Beth-arabah
Beth-arabah Definition and Meaning - Bible Dictionary

Bethel Church

Bethel Church | Home

bewantbe spectrum analyzer


A Summary of Each Bible Book
camilstaps/pyble: Python Bible tools
API Blog
Where to Download the Bible as Data - HACKATHON.BIBLE
bible-verse-parser/ at master · eliranwong/bible-verse-parser
NET Bible : The Biblical Studies Foundation
Christian Thinkers Society
NET Bible Web Service (API) | Labs
New English Translation - Wikipedia
vassal of the King: Psalm 68 — One of the most difficult psalms textually and exegetically
BibleSearch Tools
Bible App - Home Page
The CrossWire Bible Society - Free Bible Software - Bringing the Gospel to a new generation
Systematic Theology - Christian Essentials Online
bpbible/ at master · bpbible/bpbible · GitHub
Free NET Bible and Thousands of Bible Studies |...
Bible Commentary by Matthew Henry : Matthew Henry : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Bible Q | Is the King James Version the only true, unchanged version of the Bible?
Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee | Home
overview of the bible pdf - Google Search
UniqueBible/ at master · eliranwong/UniqueBible
Map: David Flees from Saul
Insights on the Bible - An Overview of the Books of the Bible - Insight for Living Ministries
About Our Work | Digital Bible Society
Strongs Exhaustive Bible Concordance Online
Check out "And Bible"
UniqueBible/ at master · eliranwong/UniqueBible
Systematic Theology (eBook) | Monergism
JSword - Free Bible Study Software
Unbound Bible
Open English Bible - Wikipedia
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Strong's Dictionary in sqlite3 | The Library Basement
Get Bible
Read and Study the Bible Online - Search, Find Verses
Open Scriptures
Register for Genesis!
Westminster Confession of Faith - Wikipedia
Summary of the Bible: Organization of the Books | Bible Mirror
Bible Atlas: A Manual of Biblical Geography and History by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut - Free Ebook
Thompson Chain Reference Topic
bible api python - Google Search
learn biblical greek - Google Search
(550) Acts 27 Shipwreck Sunday School Lessons For Kids | - YouTube
Urban Family Talk - SHARE-A-THON
Defending Biblical Christianity | Reasonable Faith
Dinosaurs—Part of God's Creation | Creation Today
Biblica | The International Bible Society
Bible Summary
The Ten Minute Bible Hour
Scripture4All - Greek/Hebrew interlinear Bible software
Read and Study the Bible Online - Search, Find Verses
All Documents in ePub Editions - Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The marginal chain-reference Bible, containing Thompson's original and exhaustive system of topical references in which topics are printed on the margins are so connected in series of chains as to enable the reader to trace with ease through the entire Scriptures any important subject selected ... Self-pronouncing...
Download | NET Bible
MorphGNT — Linguistic Databases and Python Tools for the Greek New Testament
pysword · PyPI
N.T. Quoted from O.T. Parallel Passages - Study Resources
Alabaster - The Bible Beautiful
pysword/ at master · kcarnold/pysword
And-bible - Offline Bible for Android
Chronology of the Bible - Wikipedia
Matthew 1
Bible Search
Thru The Bible With Vernon McGee : Vernon McGee : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
forest of hereth map - Google Search Search, Read, Study the Bible in Ma...
Net Environment | Local
Simple Bible Overview
Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon
The Truth Project
(550) Bob Cornuke - The Lost Shipwreck of Paul The Apostle - YouTube
And-bible - Offline Bible for Android
"Star" of Bethlehem — Simulating the Universe
Table of Contents - Matthew Henry's Commentary - Bible Gateway
nathan/biblical-studies: A collection for various scripts and other utilities useful in Biblical studies. - Smithfam Git
The Olive Tree Bible App by Olive Tree Bible Software
DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Old Ways for Linking Texts in the Digital Reading Environment: The Case of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible
Matthew 1 | Lumina
Online Mobile Bible
Strong's Greek: 3954. παῤῥησία...
The Greatest Thing in the World: an Overview of Romans 1-7 - Desiring God
DrOttensooser/BiblicalNLPworks: Biblical NLP works - Use Python R and NLTK to gain some bible knowlege
learn biblical hebrew - Google Search
Tecarta Bible Apps - Wikipedia
the roman road to salvation
The CrossWire Bible Society - Free Bible Software - Bringing the Gospel to a new generation
Interlinear Bible: Greek, Hebrew, Transliterated, English, Strong's
The Digital Bible Platform
Special Bible Readings from Thompson's Chain Reference
openscriptures/strongs: Strong's Dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek
List of Help Tutorials
Synopsis of Bible Books - One paragraph summary for every book in the Bible
Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
The Roman Road to Salvation Home Page
Interlinear Bible: Greek, Hebrew, Transliterated, English, Strong's
What is the Romans Road to salvation?
Activity - BibleTech Conference - Faithlife
Tecarta Bible Apps
Matthew Henry Complete Bible Commentary Online
(99+) Open Scriptures - Google Groups Labs
Roman Road To Salvation
The Roman Road to Salvation
All 66 Books of the Bible in Easy, One-Sentence Summaries
Chiastic structure - Wikipedia | Where the World Comes to Study the Bible
Bible Hub: Search, Read, Study the Bible in Many Languages

Bible API

Where to Download the Bible as Data - HACKATHON.BIBLE
NET Bible : The Biblical Studies Foundation
The CrossWire Bible Society - Free Bible Software - Bringing the Gospel to a new generation
Topic: bible-api
BibleJS/BibleApp: Bible.JS CLI client. Read the Holy Bible via the command line.
NET Bible Web Service (API) | Labs API | ProgrammableWeb
BLB ScriptTagger (Blue Letter Bible)
richardbolt/python-bible: Python classes for Bible Verse and Passage - useful for storing, comparing, and formatting Bible references. Also includes Django form classes to make it easy to add Bible references to your Django models.
Read and Study the Bible Online - Search, Find Verses
Projects | J. K. Tauber
Question - Quora
bible/ at master · anthologion/bible
API - Bible Search
ESV API v2 (Deprecated) |
Generating URL Scheme for YouVersion's Bible App using Pythonista — Geeks With Juniors
MatthiasELISEE/free_python_bible_api: Open-source MIT-licensed offline bible api to get passages from references in 36+ languages
Bible Search - read and download the Holy Bible
Using Bible Gateway on your website
Bible API API Documentation
API.Bible API Verse of the Day webservice tutorial
parallels/ at master · ETCBC/parallels · GitHub
Getting Text into Tensorflow with the Dataset API – Tal Perry – Medium
OSIS Web: OSIS Bible Tool
The SWORD Project - Wikipedia
Greek New Testament data sets to download? - Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange
The CrossWire Bible Society - OSIS - A Common Format for Multiple Visions
Web Tools (Blue Letter Bible)
Bible site that provides an API - Web Applications Stack Exchange
Get Bible
BLB Web Search Tools (Blue Letter Bible)
robertrouse/theographic-bible-metadata: A knowledge graph of biblical people, places, periods, and passages.
BLB ScriptTagger (Blue Letter Bible)
DBL API — The Digital Bible Library 4.7.0 documentation
The Bible on the command line (tutorial)
Bible Verse Search
Bible Search Labs
bible - npm search
Bible Search
Tecarta Bible Apps
Blue Letter Bible Search
The CrossWire Bible Society - Free Bible Software - Bringing the Gospel to a new generation
Bible Hub: Search, Read, Study the Bible in Many Languages
Search · BibleGateway
covode/bible-fetch: Command line tool for fetching Bible passages from
wrightling/scripture_lookup: Ruby gem that provides a clean interface to scripture providers (Crossways ESV, Bible Gateway).
pybible-cli · PyPI
Download the Bible Text |

Bible Archaeology

Ancient DNA reveals that Biblical-era Philistines may have originated in Europe - CNN

Bible chain-ref

Thompson Chain Reference - Bible Concordance

Bible cross-ref - Change your Bible Gateway preferences and Bible reading options.
Chris Harrison | BibleViz
Bible Cross References
Matthew 1:1 Cross References: The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

Bible data

scrollmapper/bible_databases: Bible versions and cross-reference databases.
Soul Liberty – New ways to discover timeless truth.
csv – Soul Liberty
Index of /files
Open Source Bible Data
gratis-bible/bible: A collection of freely licensed translations of biblical text in OSIS format.
bibledata/ at master · buaabyl/bibledata
Greek New Testament data sets to download? - Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange
RocketBible: The Bible As A Semantic Data API
thiagobodruk/bible: Bible: JSON + XML
buaabyl/bible: offline bible

Bible geocoding

Using Google Earth in Religion Class - wittedale
Bible Geography Meets Google Earth –
AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Bible Geocoding: The location of every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible
Bible Geocoding | The Gospel Truth
Bible Geocoding - Bible Maps in Google Earth and Google Maps

Bible graph

robertrouse/theographic-bible-metadata: A knowledge graph of biblical people, places, periods, and passages.

Bible Jupyter

Home · annotation/text-fabric Wiki
The Hebrew Bible as Data: Laboratory - Sharing - Experiences from CLARIN in the Low Countries on JSTOR
markomanninen/biblaridion: Greek bibles library for Jupyter notebooks and Python programs
Open Data for Digital Biblical Humanities
Pure-Bash-Bible.ipynb - Colaboratory
Exploring Greek Syntax with Jupyter Notebooks
Coding the Hebrew Bible in: Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences Volume 3 Issue 1 ( 2018)
Getting Started — LAF Fabric 4.8.3 documentation
Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer

Bible maps

NET Bible Maps |
Bible Bible Maps for every OT and NT Location
100 Free Printable Public Use Bible Maps
Bible Maps | Knowing the Bible

Bible org

Organization Of The Bible
Why Are the Books of the Bible Placed in a Particular Order?

Bible outline

50 Major Events in the Bible Storyline - Bible Gateway Blog

Bible regex

Biblical Scripture Reference Extraction - python-scriptures
python-scriptures · PyPI
Regular Expression Library
davisd/python-scriptures: python-scriptures is a Python package and regular expression library for validating, extracting, and normalizing biblical scripture references from blocks of text.

Bible science

Is the Bible a Flat-Earth Book?

Bible SQLite

Convert Bible JSON to SQLite Database – Joel Kingsley
GitHub - godlytalias/Bible-Database: Bible databases as XML, JSON, SQL & SQLITE3 Database format for various languages. Developers can download it freely for their development works. Freely received, freely give.
Multiple Versions Of The Bible In A SQLite Database – OpenDYNO

Bible timeline

Bible History – The “Ages” – The Bible Study
Biblical literalist chronology - Wikipedia
An Old Testament Timeline | the art of constructing
Chart of Archaeological Periods (Bible History Online)
Biblical Archaeology: From Stone to Bronze
Timeline Online - Amazing Bible Timeline with World History
Chronology of the Bible - Wikipedia
Bible Timeline
Home | The Biblical Timeline

Bible world history

How Does Man’s History Fit with the Biblical Timeline? | Answers in Genesis
Bible World History
Biblical World History Time Line Chart

BibleGateway A searchable online Bible in over 150 versions and 50 languages. A searchable online Bible in over 150 versions and 50 languages.
Search · BibleGateway

BibleGateway API - 219 online Bibles in 72 languages, in text and audio format. Audio Bibles
Searching the Bible from your browser address bar – Bible Gateway Blog
myxomatosis/ Command Line Interface (CLI) for
bengjerstad/biblegatewayPyAPI: Unofficial Python API for BibleGateway
anishpdoshi/biblescrapers: Beautiful soup web scrapers for
Rogergonzalez21/biblegateway-scraper: A simple practice with BeautifulSoup. A BibleGateway scrapper
Linking to the Bible Gateway: Links and parameters and variables, oh my! - Bible Gateway Blog
solomonxie/biblegateway: Scrap bible scriptures from searching-result page on
using beautifulsoup decompose() to get rid of multiple unwanted tags - Stack Overflow How to link to the Bible Gateway

BibleGateway audio A searchable online Bible in over 150 versions and 50 languages.: Audio Audio Bibles

BibleGateway ref

Quote Bible passages on your blog with the Embed Passage tool - Bible Gateway Blog - Help
Linking to the Bible Gateway: Links and parameters and variables, oh my! - Bible Gateway Blog
How To: Use Advanced Keyword Search – Bible Gateway

Free Bible Study Resources by Mike Mazzalongo |


Chris Harrison | BibleViz


vinitrinh/bibliqal: Question Answering Engine on Reknown Bible Commentaries

big data

Intel reveals big data's dirty little secret | Computerworld
The dirty little secret of big data, AI & Analytics platforms: they cannot solve all of your…
Data Science’s Dirty Little Secrets – Towards Data Science
The Dirty Little Secret Every Data Scientist Knows (but won’t admit)
The dirtiest little secret about big data: Jobs | ZDNet
Big Data's Dirty Little Secret

Bill Ellersick

Company - Analog Circuits that Work for your Business: Copyright Analog Circuit Works, Inc., 2009-18

Bill Herd

Bil Herd - Wikipedia
Bil Herd | Hackaday

Bill Mounce

The Aorist is so much more than a past tense |

binary adder

Adder (electronics) - Wikipedia

binary divider

Binary Division

binary multiplier

Binary multiplier - Wikipedia

binary subtractor

Subtractor - Wikipedia




Welcome to BinPy’s documentation! — BinPy dev documentation
BinPy/BinPy: An electronic simulation library written in pure Python
BinPy.ic package — BinPy dev documentation


9 essential GNU binutils tools |
Binutils - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
GNU Binutils - Wikipedia

bird vision

Bird vision - Wikipedia
Raptor Resource Project Blog: What is infrared light, and why can't eagles see it?


BitScope Micro - Raspberry Pi

Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup - Wikipedia
Watch "Bjarne Stroustrup: The 5 Programming Languages You Need to Know | Big Think" on YouTube


Watch "Recording System Audio on a Mac with Black Hole" on YouTube
BlackHole: Route Audio Between Apps
ExistentialAudio/BlackHole: BlackHole is a modern macOS virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero additional latency.

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal - Wikipedia


bleachbit/bleachbit: BleachBit system cleaner for Windows and Linux
Clean Your System and Free Disk Space | BleachBit
BleachBit - Wikipedia

Blender - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software - blender.git/summary

Blender dinosaur

Watch "How to Create A 3D Dinosaur in Blender 2.9 w/ Shutter Authority | NVIDIA Studio Session" on YouTube

Blender doc

Blender 3.0 Reference Manual — Blender Manual
Documentation —
Blender Documentation -

Blender inverse kinematics

Watch "Inverse Kinematics - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals" on YouTube

Blender tutorial

Watch "Blender Fundamentals 2.8" on YouTube
Watch "Blender Beginner Tutorial Series" on YouTube


GitHub - dvf/blockchain: A simple Blockchain in Python
What are the best blockchain open source projects? - Quora
Blockchain - Wikipedia
Openchain - Blockchain technology for the enterprise
Blockchain - Most Trusted Crypto Company
Blockchain Demo
GitHub - anders94/blockchain-demo: A web-based demonstration of blockchain concepts.
Bringing The Blockchain To Network Monitoring | Hackaday
Watch "Blockchain 101 - A Visual Demo" on YouTube
A Practical Introduction to Blockchain with Python // Adil Moujahid // Data Analytics and more
Develop a blockchain application from scratch in Python
GitHub - blockchain/api-v1-client-python: Blockchain Bitcoin Developer APIs - Python


Blockly  |  Google Developers
google/blockly: The web-based visual programming editor.
RealTimeWeb/blockpy: Blockly that's more Python than JavaScript, powered with Skulpt
google/blockly-android: Blockly for Android
google/blockly-ios: Blockly for iOS
Ruben Rodriguez / blockly-minetest · GitLab


Considering an integrated computer science approach? | BlocksCAD
EinsteinsWorkshop/BlocksCAD: Easy, Open-Source Solid CAD for Everyone! Check it out at .

Blue Letter Bible

Bible Search and Study Tools - Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible API

BLB Web Search Tools (Blue Letter Bible)


An Introduction to Bluetooth Programming


Sail and rigging - Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde
The WoodenBoat School
My one sheet steel boat project | Boat Design Net
Ship & Shipbuilding Terminology, complete terminology database listing
Features - Why Wood?
Guillemot Kayaks | High Performance Wooden Smal...
Chesapeake Light Craft | Boat Plans, Boat Kits, Boatbuilding Supplies, Boat Kit, Kayak Kit, Canoe Kit, Sailboat Kit
Lapstrake, Clinker Woden Boat Construction.
Lofting Basics
Trimarans are faster than monohuls and catamarans
Hvalsoe Boats - Design, Repair and Construction...
Our book
Discussions - | Google Groups
Our Boats - Geodesic AiroLITE Boats
Documenting Artifacts - Documenting Maritime Fo...
Metal Boats For Blue Water - Kasten Marine Design
The Mother of All Maritime Links: Page 2 of 47
Z40 Roadster (Its a sailboat, not a car) - Page...
Duckworks - Half Hull Models - Then and Now
Kayaks, Canoes and Paddling Accessories
Home - Wooden Model Boat Kits - Wooden Model Boat Kits Seaworthy Small Ships | Fun to Make Wood Toy Making Plans & How-To's for the Scroll Saw and Table Saw
Shipbuilding Terms
Strip Built Construction | Guillemot Kayaks
Ship and Shipbuilding Terms
patching loon 138
Appendix B.2 - Documenting Maritime Folklife: A...
Boat building - Wikipedia
WaveLength Magazine - Home Page
Rockler Bead & Cove Bits for Canoe Building...
Building Lapstrake Canoes
Boat Hull Modelling Using Terrestrial Laser Sca...
POND BOATS by Midlife Models, pond yachts, pondboat, model sailboats, model boat, model yacht,nautical decor, radio controlled sailboat, santa barbara class,s/b class, newport 12 class, regatta 6 meter, malabar schooner, r/c sailboat,ventura 70,,vintage m
Sail and trim - Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde
Free Model Boat Plans - Where to Get Them.
Boat plans, boat building kits for amateur boat...
Multihulls vs. Monohulls | Advantages | Catamarans & Trimarans | West Coast MultihullsWest Coast Multihulls
CNC Kayaks - home of the Shrike Kayak
Clinker Ply
Eric Hvalsoe | The Center for Wooden Boats
My Skin on Frame Canoe
Ultra Light Boats
Taking lines - | Google Groups
Taking Off Hull Lines for stability and technic...
Hull Construction - Wood ~ Artifacts etc ~ New Jersey Scuba Diving
John's Nautical and Boatbuilding Page
Building a Canoe: December 2007
Building a Wooden Pirate Ship
boat for sale used reel at
Inflatable Boat, and Plastic Kayak and Canoe Ma...
HV 16 Launch - Please welcome “Tarn.” « Eat Lak...
Trimaran - Wikipedia
Guillemot Kayaks | High Performance Wooden...
Artistic cedar strip kayak builder, lightweig...
Canoes and Kayaks - Old Town Canoes and Kayaks
Brian Dixon's Tolman Jumbo Project - Albany, Or...
Doug's Boat Page--Resources
Ships' Fastenings: From Sewn Boat to Steamship - Michael Mccarthy, Mike McCarthy - Google Books
Artist - Taking Lines

boat design

Ship Workbench - FreeCAD Documentation
FreeCAD-Ship s60 tutorial - FreeCAD Documentation
Half Hull Model Building

boat terminology

Glossary of Boat building Terms


Boatswain - Wikipedia

bob signal processing

Advanced Machine Learning and Signal Processing | Coursera
bob · GitLab

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle - Wikipedia


Bonjour (software) - Wikipedia


Learning Python, 5th Edition
Free Linux programming books | Linux Programming Books Free
OpenGL Reference Manual
Water from a Deep Well: Christian Spirituality from Early Martyrs to Modern Missionaries: Gerald L. Sittser, Eugene H. Peterson: 8601400765128: Books
free python books - Google Search
free javascript books - Google Search
free node.js books - Google Search
Outliers (book) - Wikipedia
Green Tea Press – Free books by Allen B. Downey
The OpenGL Programming Guide
10 Free Python Programming Books
Tintin : Herge : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Boneshaker - Wikipedia
50 Excellent Free Books from Project Gutenberg (and How to Easily Read Them) - The Simple Dollar
The Lord Of The Rings series : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
5 Excellent Downloadable eBooks To Teach Yourself Linux
Books Online
Best Open Source Programming Books - OSS Blog
Books About SQLite
TclWise, a Tcl book with free chapters online - FRONT COVER | A Free OpenGL Programming Book
LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks
Database of Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes
IT eBooks Download Free |
Free download ebook on computer and programming...
10 free Linux e-books
calibre User Manual — calibre 3.28.0 documentation
Git - Book
Free On-line Linux Technical Books and Tutorials
OpenGL Programming Guide : Table of Contents
Main Page - Gutenberg
Libby, by OverDrive - an app for library ebooks and audiobooks
Free Books from Other Publishers - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
GitInPractice/GitInPractice: 📖 An opinionated intermediate/advanced Git book from @MikeMcQuaid
JSbooks - free javascript books e-Print archive
Think Python 2e – Green Tea Press
Woodworking Tools 1600-1900 by Peter C. Welsh -...
E-Books Directory - Categorized Links to Free Books
One Second After - Wikipedia
The Online Books Page
Remove the DRM From Amazon Kindle Books |
Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine
30 Day Heart Tune Up.pdf (PDFy mirror) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Customer reviews: The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up: A Breakthrough Medical Plan to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

bookmark CLI

xwmx/nb: CLI and local web plain text note‑taking, bookmarking, and archiving with linking, tagging, filtering, search, Git versioning & syncing, Pandoc conversion, + more in a single portable script.
nb · CLI plain text note-taking, bookmarking, and archiving.
Bookmark - command-line tool to quickly access obnoxious URLs - DEV Community
jarun/buku: Personal mini-web in text


Watch "Homemade lathe machine" on YouTube

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson - Wikipedia


Watch "BornCG" on YouTube

Bowler Hat Science

Bowler Hat Science | Science Outreach with a Dapper Hat

box beam workbench

Watch "Box Beam Bench" on YouTube
Forget What You Know About Workbenches - FineWoodworking
Watch "Josh Finn Workbench - One Beam Done" on YouTube
Watch "Why you need to build a new portable, modular work bench" on YouTube
Watch "BUILD: Simple torsion box workbench with handy fixturing surface - HNB #2" on YouTube
Watch "The greatest Sawhorses, YES, but do they make a good workbench?" on YouTube
A workbench anybody can build - FineWoodworking


GitHub - aristocratos/bpytop: Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor
Watch "Awesome Linux Tools: bpytop" on YouTube

Brad Traversy

Watch "Traversy Media" on YouTube
Traversy Media | Web Development & Programming Tutorials
bradtraversy (Brad Traversy)

Brady Haran

Brady Haran - Video Journalist

Branch Education

Watch "Branch Education" on YouTube
Branch Education

Brave Browser

GitHub - brave/brave-browser: Next generation Brave browser for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android.
Brave (web browser) - Wikipedia
Brave Software · GitHub
Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker | Brave Browser

Brave Search

Brave Search

Brian Kernighan

Brian Kernighan's Home Page
Brian Kernighan - Wikipedia



British slang

British slang - Wikipedia
71 Simple British Slang Phrases Everyone Should Start Using | Thought Catalog
Top 100 Most Beautiful British Slang Words and Phrases – Guide to English Slang


BRL-CAD download |
BRL-CAD - Wikipedia
BRL-CAD: Open Source Solid Modeling
Compiling/XCode - BRL-CAD

Bronze Age

Bronze Age - Wikipedia

Brother Lawrence

Authors: Lawrence of the Resurrection Brother (sorted by popularity) - Project Gutenberg
Brother Lawrence - Wikipedia

build Python

How to Build Python from Source | DevDungeon


jarun/buku: Personal mini-web in text

bullet physics

Bullet (software) - Wikipedia
bulletphysics/bullet3: Bullet Physics SDK: real-time collision detection and multi-physics simulation for VR, games, visual effects, robotics, machine learning etc.
bullet3/ at master · bulletphysics/bullet3
Bullet Real-Time Physics Simulation | Home of Bullet and PyBullet: physics simulation for games, visual effects, robotics and reinforcement learning.
pybullet · PyPI

bullet physics Ogre

GitHub - OGRECave/btogre: BtOgre - Simple Bullet-Ogre connection

Burning River Bushcraft

Watch "Burning River Bushcraft" on YouTube

Burton in-laws

Welcome - Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning




Large-Scale Multilingual AI Models from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft
Google Open-Sources Token-Free Language Model ByT5
[2105.13626] ByT5: Towards a token-free future with pre-trained byte-to-byte models


Byte - Wikipedia


Aquila - a C++ library for digital signal processing
Is there a REPL for C programming? - Stack Overflow
The GNU C Library - Table of Contents
Learn C Programming With 9 Excellent Free Open Source Books - OSS Blog
9 of the Best Free C Books - Part 1 - Linux Links - The Linux Portal Site


Is there a REPL for C programming? - Stack Overflow
TIP: Using GDB as an Interactive C Shell
Learning C with gdb - Blog - Recurse Center


How much of the C# programming language is open source? - Open Source Stack Exchange
C Sharp (programming language) - Wikipedia


Was BRL-CAD the tool I was looking for? | Free ... FreeCAD
FreeCAD/FreeCAD_Conda: conda recipes for freecad and dependencies of freecad
Why Linux and Not Windows? - comp.os.linux.advo...
BRL-CAD 7.6.6 and Ubuntu 5.10
jupyter_freecad_kernel/ at master · looooo/jupyter_freecad_kernel
Structure Synth
Hammond - Extruded Aluminum (Metal End Panels) ...


Introduction — CadQuery Documentation
GitHub - dcowden/cadquery: CadQuery-- a parametric cad script framework
CadQuery/cadquery: A parametric CAD scripting framework based on PythonOCC
Introduction — CadQuery Documentation
CadQuery 2.0 Documentation — CadQuery Documentation
CadQuery Documentation — CadQuery Documentation
cadquery · PyPI


Caffe | Deep Learning Framework
BVLC/caffe: Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.



wxMaxima for Calculus I and II | Open labs for single variable calculus.
Study Guide | Calculus Online Textbook | MIT OpenCourseWare
Maximum Calculus with Maxima | Linux Journal
Highlights of Calculus | MIT OpenCourseWare
Textbook | Calculus Online Textbook | MIT OpenCourseWare
Instructor's Manual | Calculus Online Textbook | MIT OpenCourseWare


Remove the DRM From Amazon Kindle Books |
calibre - E-book management
Command Line Interface — calibre 3.23.0 documentation
calibre User Manual — calibre 3.28.0 documentation

Caltech EE44

Watch "Circuits and Systems (By Prof. Ali Hajimiri, Caltech)" on YouTube

Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel Arroyo Grande

CalVet Redding



Camel hair - Wikipedia
Haircloth - Wikipedia
Warp and weft - Wikipedia
What does a camels breath smell like? - Quora
15 Things to Know Before Riding a Camel that I Learnt on an Uluru Sunrise Tour - GET In the HOT Spot with Annabel Candy


Digital single-lens reflex camera - Wikipedia
Canon PowerShot SX540 Digital Camera Bundle


2019 Ford® Transit Connect Passenger Wagon | Best in Class 7 Passenger Seating |
How to Turn Your SUV into a Camper
Bring Home a Story |
Fees & Passes - Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
Watch "Stunning Transit Connect Conversion: compact and elegant custom camper / tiny van - Van Tour" on YouTube
Our Micro Camper: A DIY Ford Transit Connect Conversion Guide - Alt-Nomad
Does anyone camp in their CRV? | Honda CR-V Owners Club Forums
How I converted my Honda CR-V into a camper - Wild Mountain Echoes

canoe design

Canoe Design — Newbury Kayak & Canoe
Canoe Design: Hull Shape, Sides & Rocker |
Canoe Design | Clipper Canoes | Canadian Canoe Manufacturer
Canoe Design –
Choosing the Right Canoe - Shape Matters |
Wenonah Canoe manufactures canoes and paddling accessories for paddle sports enthusiasts.
Canoe Design: Hull Design | Mad River Canoe | US

canoe kayak hybrid

NEXT - Grey | Old Town Store

Canon MX920 ink

PIXMA MX922 Compatible Inks | Canon Online Store

Cape Falcon Kayak

Cape Falcon Kayak - Build Your Own Skin-on-Frame Kayak


Carafe - Wikipedia

card scraper

Watch "How To Make Sharpen and Use a Card Scraper" on YouTube


Fonts for Scholars: the Cardo Font
Cardo - Google Fonts
Cardo | Adobe Fonts
Cardo Font Free by David Perry | Font Squirrel

Carol Willing

Willing Consulting | Carol Willing
willingc (Carol Willing)
Willing Consulting | About

carpet spot

Watch "Remove Virtually ANY Spot From Carpet With 6 Common Household Items You Probably Already Have" on YouTube


lutianming/cartoonizer: make images look like a cartoon image
danmacnish/cartoonify: python app to turn a photograph into a cartoon
riddhishb/Toonification: Converting an image into cartoon


Giac/Xcas, a free computer algebra system
Symbolic Computation Library in pure C - Stack Overflow
maxima-jupyter/ at master · robert-dodier/maxima-jupyter
Topic: computer-algebra-system · GitHub
Computer algebra - Wikipedia
Computer algebra system - Wikipedia
List of computer algebra systems - Wikipedia
GiNaC is Not a CAS

Cascade Athletic Club

Athletic Club Vancouver WA | Gym in Vancouver | Cascade Athletic Clubs


Cast Tutorials  |  Google Developers
Google Cast API Reference  |  Google Developers
GitHub - Rafostar/gnome-shell-extension-cast-to-tv: Cast files to Chromecast, web browser or media player app over local network.
GitHub - Rafostar/cast-to-tv-desktop-addon: Desktop streaming support for GNOME Shell Extension Cast to TV.
GitHub - googlecast/CastAndroidTvReceiver: Reference Cast Android TV Receiver: CastAndroidTvReceiver shows how to develop a Cast Connect-enabled Android TV app.
GitHub - skorokithakis/catt: Cast All The Things allows you to send videos from many, many online sources to your Chromecast.


ccrypt - Wikipedia
Peter Selinger: ccrypt

Cedars Landing

Homes in Battle Ground WA at Cedars Landing | Pacific Lifestyle

cell phone microscope

Watch "Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope!" on YouTube

cellular automata

Conway's Game of Life in an IPython Notebook
Golly Game of Life Home Page
Conway's Game of Life in an IPython Notebook
Conway’s Game of Life in python – Robert Andrew Martin – Medium
IPython Cookbook - 12.2. Simulating an elementary cellular automaton

Celtic cross

Celtic cross - Wikipedia


The Large Hadron Collider | CERN


Hello World - Cesium Sandcastle
The Cesium Blog |


CFFI documentation — CFFI 1.14.0 documentation
cffi · PyPI
Interfacing Python and C: The CFFI Module –


Projects Using CGAL
Package_wrappers_available · CGAL/cgal-swig-bindings Wiki
Home · CGAL/cgal-swig-bindings Wiki


GitHub - hpjansson/chafa: 📺🗿 Terminal graphics for the 21st century.
Watch "chafa - Terminal Graphics For The 21st Century - Linux CLI" on YouTube

chaos theory

chaos-theory · GitHub Topics
GitHub - jonnyhyman/Chaos: Visualizations of the connections between chaos theory and fractals through the logistic map; made for Veritasium YouTube video
Chaos Theory and the Logistic Map - Geoff Boeing
chaos-theory · GitHub Topics · GitHub
chaos-theory · GitHub Topics
Chaos theory - Wikipedia
IPython Cookbook - 12.1. Plotting the bifurcation diagram of a chaotic dynamical system

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens - Wikipedia
Excellent Utilities: - community driven cheat sheet - LinuxLinks
GitHub - chubin/ the only cheat sheet you need
Charly's Column – » Linux Magazine Shows Cheat Sheets On The Command Line Or In Your Code Editor - Linux Uprising Blog
Watch "Awesome Linux Tools:" on YouTube


Beer's Law Definition and Equation
Welcome to the NIST WebBook


Elo rating system - Wikipedia

Chicago MOS

Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition // Purdue Writing Lab


chmod - Wikipedia
chmod - Change the mode of a file or directory
Linux chmod command help and examples
chmod Man Page with examples and calculator - Linux -

Chris Eagle

Watch "How Ghidra changed my life - Chris Eagle" on YouTube

Chris Lattner

Watch "Chris Lattner: Compilers, LLVM, Swift, TPU, and ML Accelerators | Lex Fridman Podcast #21" on YouTube
lattner (Chris Lattner)
Chris Lattner - Wikipedia
Chris Lattner's Homepage
IDEALS @ Illinois: Macroscopic Data Structure Analysis and Optimization

Christopher Barnatt About About

Chrome API

GitHub - iiSeymour/chromote: Simple wrapper to drive Google Chrome from Python
pyppeteer · PyPI
GitHub - puppeteer/puppeteer: Headless Chrome Node.js API
Chrome APIs - Google Chrome
GitHub - asyne/cproto: Chrome Debugging client for Python

chrome profile dir

User Data Directory


balloob/pychromecast: Library for Python 3 to communicate with the Google Chromecast.


Chromium - The Chromium Projects

Chuck Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll - Wikipedia
Listen to Chuck Swindoll Sermons - Insight for Living Radio
Watch "Chuck Swindoll Sermons" on YouTube
Insight for Living - Chuck Swindoll's Bible-teaching via articles, books, videos, streaming, and audio products - Insight for Living Ministries
Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco TX -- Love God. Love Others. | Stonebriar Community Church

church giving kiosk

5 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms - Outreach Blog


The World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency

circuit analysis

Nodal Analysis of an electrical circuit - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
Nodal analysis - Wikipedia
1 Linear Resistive Circuit Analysis
dhiana/mnapoly: Modified Nodal Analysis... With polynomials!
Modified nodal analysis - Wikipedia
Questions about Modified Nodal Analysis | Electronics Forums
Modified Nodal Analysis
An Easier Approach to Electrical Circuit Diagram Generation – lcapy – OUseful.Info, the blog…
Modified Nodal Analysis
An Algorithm for Modified Nodal Analysis
Watch "Introduction to Electric Circuits" on YouTube
DeCiDa 1.0.1 : Python Package Index
circuit analysis jupyter - Google Search
Mesh analysis - Wikipedia
Node analysis - CoCalc
Network analysis (electrical circuits) - Wikipedia
Lecture 1: Introduction and Lumped Abstraction | Video Lectures | Circuits and Electronics | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare
Modified Nodal Analysis | Electronic Circuit Simulation
symbolic circuit analysis in Sagemath/Mathematica with graph theory/incidence matrix? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
ntezak/cirq: An IPython notebook widget for schematic capture, i.e., visually editing circuits of various domains
jupyter electronic circuit analysis - Google Search
The modified nodal analysis method applied to the modeling of the thermal circuit of an asynchronous machine - IOPscience
Bringing interactivity to network visualization in Jupyter notebooks: visJS2Jupyter - Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
News — PySpice 0.3.0 documentation
Peeter Joot's Blog » MNA

circuit drawing

A Diagram Editor for JupyterLab - Jupyter Blog
An Easier Approach to Electrical Circuit Diagram Generation – lcapy – OUseful.Info, the blog…
Reproducible Diagram Generators – First Thoughts on Electrical Circuit Diagrams – OUseful.Info, the blog…
nturley/netlistsvg: draws an SVG schematic from a JSON netlist

circuit prototype

Prototyping With Surface Mount Components
Notes on prototyping circuit boards: breadboards, perfboards, and beyond
PCB Basics -
In The Lab - Soldering Prototypes with Enamel Magnet Wire | Electronics etc…
The Flexible Permanence Of Copper Tape Circuits | Hackaday
Prototyping with Surface-Mount Devices - Tutorial - Maxim
Prototyping using copper tape and PCB land pads

circuit sculpture

Circuit Board Art • Insteading
Circuit Sculpture Contest |
Watch "Mohit Bhoite - Building Free-Formed Circuit Sculptures" on YouTube
Mohit Bhoite's Chintoo FM Is Undeniably the Cutest Freeform FM Radio in the World -
Freeform Circuit Sculptures
Tindie Blog | The Circuit Sculpture Contest Winners Have Been Announced!
Audio Man Circuit Sculpture |
Circuit Sculpture Hack Chat | Hackaday
Circuit Sculpture Contest |
Peter Vogel (artist) - Wikipedia
Twelve Circuit Sculptures We Can’t Stop Looking At | Hackaday
Tiny Circuit Sculpture Keeps The Night Watch | Hackaday
Circuit Sculpture Hack Chat |
Circuit Sculpture Teaches Binary, Plays PONG | Hackaday
Bend It Like Bhoite: Circuit Sculptures Shatter The Bounds Of Flatland | Hackaday
The Circuit Sculpture Contest | Hackaday
Circuit Sculpture Teaches Binary, Plays PONG – UnFox News
Solar Circuit Sculpture Pumms The Night Away | Hackaday
New Contest: Circuit Sculpture Challenge | Hackaday
Circuit Sculpture | Hackaday

circuit sim

List of free electronics circuit simulators - Wikipedia
Quick Guide to Using KiCad for SPICE Simulation [Mithat Konar (the wiki)]
GitHub - Aerlinger/maxwell: Maxwell Circuit Simulator
SmartSim/ at master · ashleynewson/SmartSim · GitHub
jupyter ngspice - Google Search
Topic: circuit-simulator · GitHub
Simulating KiCad Schematics in Spice - shorne in japan
GitHub - prateek0103/nodejs-circuit-simulator
GitHub - kazuhikoarase/simcirjs: A circuit simulator in HTML5 and JavaScript
Ngspice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PyParis2017 / Circuit simulation using Python, by Fabrice Salvaire
Maxwell — Javascript Circuit Simulator
ngspice | Ashwith
JulNadeauCA/edacious: Agar-based Electronics Design Automation toolkit (beta) - - Circuit Simulator
TheRadioBoard :: View topic - Cross Platform Circuit Simulator
drifter1/circuitsim: Implementing a full-on electronic circuit simulator, studying the whole concept and physics behind it!
Qucs · GitHub
qucs/ at develop · Qucs/qucs
JavaScript Circuit Simulator | Hacker News
GitHub - FOSSEE/Online-NgSpice-Simulator:...
Qucs project: download
GitHub - fahimkhan/Online-NgSpice-Simulator:...
GitHub - willymcallister/circuit-sandbox:...

circuit sim internals

SPICE Algorithm Overview
How do Circuit Simulators actually work? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
Taking A Peek Under The Hood Of Your Spice Circuit-Simulation Engine | Electronic Design

Circuit Simulator

louisyang2015/circuit_sim: A circuit simulator in Python


CircuitPython Now Working On Teensy 4.0 | Hackaday
Adafruit CircuitPython API Reference — Adafruit CircuitPython 0.0.0 documentation
CircuitPython - Wikipedia
What is CircuitPython? | Welcome to CircuitPython! | Adafruit Learning System
adafruit/circuitpython: CircuitPython - a Python implementation for teaching coding with microcontrollers
Overview | Welcome to CircuitPython! | Adafruit Learning System

CircuitPython Jupyter

Overview | CircuitPython with Jupyter Notebooks | Adafruit Learning System


tdepke2/CircuitSim2: Graphical tool for developing and testing digital logic circuits from the gate level, built with C++ and SFML.


ntezak/cirq: An IPython notebook widget for schematic capture, i.e., visually editing circuits of various domains


Clang - Wikipedia
Clang C Language Family Frontend for LLVM

Clang cross-compile

How To Cross-Compile Clang/LLVM using Clang/LLVM — LLVM 12 documentation
Cross-compilation using Clang — Clang 12 documentation

Clang doc

Welcome to Clang's documentation! — Clang 11 documentation

Clang Getting Started

Clang - Getting Started

Clang macOS

Installing LLVM/Clang on OS X - Embedded Artistry
Configure VS Code for Clang/LLVM on macOS

Clang scan-build

scan-build: running the analyzer from the command line

Clang Static Analyzer

Clang Static Analyzer

Clang tutorial

Clang Tutorial Part I: Introduction – Bits, Bytes, Boos

Clang user manual

Clang Compiler User’s Manual — Clang 11 documentation

Clang Windows

Watch "CppCon 2018: Zach Turner “Clang on Windows: It's a Thing”" on YouTube
Watch "Install Clang on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2019" on YouTube
Watch "035 - (SETUP) Install LLVM/clang-cl on Windows, NOT LLVM/clang++ over MSYS64/MingW64" on YouTube

Clark County

Public Health | Clark County
Communications | Clark County


Watch "How to Clean Your Dishwasher" on YouTube


awesome-cli-apps/ at master · agarrharr/awesome-cli-apps
ELinks - Full-Featured Text WWW Browser
Links (web browser) - Wikipedia
jarun/ddgr: DuckDuckGo from the terminal
cli browser - Google Search
Android-Terminal-Emulator/ at master · jackpal/Android-Terminal-Emulator
3 Twitter clients for the Linux command line |
Lynx (web browser) - Wikipedia
'Getting to Done' on the Linux command line |
particle photon cli - Google Search
Terminal Services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Welcome to Click — Click Documentation (7.x)


Cling | ROOT a Data analysis Framework
vgvassilev/cling: The interactive C++ interpreter Cling


Clojure - Clojure CLR


Clonezilla - About


CMake - Wikipedia


Cmder | Console Emulator


CMSIS – Arm Developer
Embedded Software Development | Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard – Arm Developer
ARM-software/CMSIS_5: CMSIS Version 5 Development Repository
What benefits do CMSIS (Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard) bring to Arm Cortex microcontrollers? - Quora


Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University - Wikipedia
Software Engineering Institute - Wikipedia
Academics - CMU - Carnegie Mellon University
Software Engineering Institute · GitHub
Homepage - CMU - Carnegie Mellon University


A CNC Woodworking Tool That Does The Hard Parts | Hackaday
MaslowCNC/Mechanics: Digital Design Files
Watch "DIY CNC Router for Under $900 - Free Plans Available" on YouTube
OpenBuilds OX CNC Machine | OpenBuilds
Ghost Gunner
Numerical control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DC200 | ElectronicCuttingMachines | By Brother
Opendesk - Goliath CNC - A robotic tool for every workshop
4 Awesome DIY CNC Machines You Can Build Today [Quick Guide]
DIY Multiplex Plywood CNC Router |
DIY CNC Router Uses Chains The Right Way | Hackaday
Buy Official Cricut Maker |
CNC milling with open source software |


Microsoft/CNTK: Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), an open source deep-learning toolkit


Manage your Raspberry Pi with Cockpit |
Cockpit Project — Cockpit Project


Welcome To Colaboratory - Colaboratory
Welcome To Colaboratory - Colaboratory
colab-notebook · GitHub Topics
Welcome To Colaboratory - Colaboratory
Welcome To Colaboratory - Colaboratory
Build a Self-Driving RC Car using Raspberry Pi and Machine Learning using Google Colab
colaboratory | AITopics

Colab circuit

Common Emitter.ipynb - Colaboratory
Solving Circuits with sympy.ipynb - Colaboratory
Module Circuit.ipynb - Colaboratory

Colab FAQ

Colaboratory – Google

Colab GitHub

Google Colaboratory
How to use Google Colaboratory to clone a GitHub Repository to your Google Drive?
Google Drive + Google Colab + GitHub; Don’t Just Read, Do It!
firmai/awesome-google-colab: Google Colaboratory Notebooks and Repositories
colab-github-demo.ipynb - Colaboratory
tugstugi/dl-colab-notebooks: Try out deep learning models online on Google Colab

Colab NLP

The Super Duper NLP Repo



collective behavior

collective-behavior · GitHub Topics

Collin Delker


Master List of Color Names and Color Descriptions | Bryn Donovan
Color chart - Wikipedia
List of colors - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Writer Creates “Color Thesaurus” To Help You Correctly Name Any Color Imaginable | Bored Panda
It's "Wine", Not Dark Red - Here Are The Correct Names Of All Color Shades
A Writer's List of Descriptive Colors | HobbyLark
Color Names — HTML Color Codes
Colors - Words To Use
1000+ Ways to Describe Colors: A Word List for Writers


Watch "Understanding Jesus" on YouTube


Watch "How To Speak by Patrick Winston" on YouTube


25 Best Communion Bible Verses and Holy Scripture - Inspiration and Guidance

Community Covenant Church



All You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Compilers | Hackaday

component models

Electronic Component 3D Models FREE Download - STEP

CompSci notation

Looking for a dictionary of math/CS notation - Computer Science Stack Exchange
Knuth, Larrabee, Roberts: Mathematical Writing
Mathematical notation for computer science - Mathematics Stack Exchange
List of mathematical symbols - Wikipedia
Good examples for how to write well in TCS - Theoretical Computer Science Stack Exchange


Lecture Videos | Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare

computational finance

computational-finance · GitHub Topics
cantaro86/Financial-Models-Numerical-Methods: Collection of notebooks about quantitative finance, with interactive python code.

computational physics

Computational Physics – Exercises

computer networks

Watch "Computer Networks by David Wetherall (University of Washington)" on YouTube
acm361/Computer Networks - A Tanenbaum - 5th edition.pdf at master · gsahinpi/acm361
What are the best books and websites for studying computer networking? - Quora
Watch "Computer Networks by David Wetherall (University of Washington)" on YouTube
David Wetherall | UW News
David Wetherall - Google Scholar Citations
David Wetherall – Google AI
ruanyf/book-computer-networks: Free E-Book: Computer Networks - A Systems Approach
David Wetherall, Instructor | Coursera
Watch "zufolo zufoli" on YouTube
David James Wetherall - Wikipedia
Watch "Computer Networks - University of Washington" on YouTube


Interrupt latency - Wikipedia
Metastability in electronics - Wikipedia
Is the entropy of our universe increasing or decreasing? Would the answer change if there are an infinite number of universes? - Quora
Maximum power transfer theorem - Wikipedia
Perfect number - Wikipedia
Pareto principle - Wikipedia


Watch "Mike Haduck Masonry" on YouTube
Watch "How to Patch Concrete with Sakrete Top n' Bond Concrete Patcher | The Home Depot" on YouTube


Conda (package manager) - Wikipedia
Conda — conda 4.8.0rc0.post65+89ff48c2 documentation

conda doc

Conda — Conda documentation

conda pip

Understanding Conda and Pip - Anaconda
What is the difference between pip and conda? - Stack Overflow

control systems

Control system - Wikipedia
Ziegler–Nichols method - Wikipedia
PID controller - Wikipedia
Proportional control - Wikipedia


Convolution - Wikipedia

coral reef

How 3D Printing is Helping to Save Dying Coral Reefs - GrabCAD Blog
Sula Reef - Wikipedia
Previously undiscovered coral reef found in western Norway | Institute of Marine Research
Coral reef - Wikipedia
Røst Reef - Wikipedia


CORE – Aggregating the world’s open access research papers

Corey Schafer

Corey Schafer Portfolio|Resume
CoreyMS - Development, Design, DIY, and more

Corrie Ten Boom

Watch "God's Love - Corrie Ten Boom - YWAM Classic Teaching" on YouTube
Watch "Surrender - Corrie Ten Boom (Korean Subtitles Available)" on YouTube

Cosmic Eye

Cosmic Eye - Wikipedia

cosmopolitan libc

Cosmopolitan C Library
jart/cosmopolitan: fast portable static native textmode containers


Oregon COVID-19 Case and Testing Counts Statewide - Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 | Tableau Public
| Washington State Coronavirus Response
COVID-19 Data Dashboard :: Washington State Department of Health
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
COVID-19 Data and Dashboards - COVID-19 Research and Information Resources - UCSF Guides at University of California, San Francisco
Open-Access Data and Computational Resources to Address COVID-19 | Data Science at NIH
COVID-19 data | Clark County
Should I go to brunch? An interactive tool for COVID-19 curve flattening
corona-calculator · Streamlit
COVID-19 Map - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
COVID-19 | Clark County Washington
What You Should Know About The Novel Coronavirus
Watch "PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!!" on YouTube
Volunteers Made Valves Save Coronavirus Patients. Now A Medical Supply Company Is Threatening To Sue Them. | The Daily Wire
Inslee announces statewide mask mandate - WA Governor’s Office - Medium
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation |
heremaps/here-covid-19-tracker: Using HERE Technologies APIs, fork and build your own COVID-19 Tracker. For a live version, see the website.
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC
archydeberker/corona-calculator: Understand the impact of social distancing measures upon Corona spread in your community
covidatlas/coronadatascraper: COVID-19 Coronavirus data scraped from government and curated data sources.
Inslee announces statewide shutdown of restaurants, bars and expanded social gathering limits | Governor Jay Inslee
COVID-19 information | Hub
Coronavirus disease 2019
Opening Up America Again | The White House
COVID-19 Data Dashboard :: Washington State Department of Health
Corona Data Scraper
The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them
Novel coronavirus | Clark County Washington


AI now sees and hears COVID in your lungs - EPFL
AI Now Sees and Hears COVID in Your Lungs - Medical Design Briefs


Coxswain (rowing) - Wikipedia
Coxswain - Wikipedia


Communist Party of China - Wikipedia


The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List - Stack Overflow
Master C++ Programming with Free Open-Source Books - OSS Blog - The C++ Resources Network
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
C / C++
C++ Programming - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Cpp book

Free C++ Books | TFE Times

CPU sim

happz/ducky-legacy: Simple virtual CPU/machine
Introduction — PyCpuSimulator 0.2.0 documentation
Python Diary | Building a CPU simulator in Python
FabriceSalvaire/PyCpuSimulator: CPU Simulator written in Python
TheDuchy/Simple-Virtual-CPU: A very simple example of a virtual CPU written in C and an "assembler" in python 3.7.


Add 3D Effects to Your Printed Photos: 6 Steps (with Pictures)


Engineering, Technology and Product Development Services in NH


Creation Science Evangelism - Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs, and the Bible.
Creation | Creation Ministries International
Great Moments in Science - Solar Eclipses - Par...
Sun's Atmosphere Sings - Yahoo! News
Sir Ambrose Fleming: Father of Modern Electronics (and Creationist!)
Fine-tuned universe - Wikipedia, the free encyc...

Cresap Bay

Visit Mt St Helens - Cresap Bay Campground


Watch "Best beginner Cribbage video ♣️" on YouTube
GitHub - jonathanmcmahon/cribbage: A Python cribbage game implementation
The Rules of Cribbage. Instructions for 5, 6 and 7 card Crib.
GitHub - dacarlin/cribbage: Cribbage for your command line
GitHub - wroberts/cribbage: Python library for experimenting with the game of cribbage
Cribbage for Linux | Cribbage Corner
cribbage · PyPI
Cribbage - Wikipedia

crime | The Safest Places and Best Home Security
Locard's exchange principle - Wikipedia


Welcome to Crossroads - Crossroads Community Church


The CrossWire Bible Society - Free Bible Software - Bringing the Gospel to a new generation



binderhub / applied-cryptography-with-python · GitLab
SHA-3 - Wikipedia
Peter Selinger: ccrypt
Mindstormer619/CryptoNotes: Jupyter Notebooks containing my Cryptography notes.
ccrypt - Wikipedia
History of cryptography - Wikipedia
A Brief Notebook on Cryptography » mixedmath
SHA-2 - Wikipedia
The Cryptography Handbook | Electronic Design
Watch "Keeping Secrets: Cryptography In A Connected World" on YouTube
Advanced Encryption Standard - Wikipedia
MD5 - Wikipedia
The GNU Privacy Guard
DatBiscuit/Cryptography-Ciphers: Implementing ciphers in python utilizing jupyter notebook
Computer Scientists Achieve ‘Crown Jewel’ of Cryptography | Quanta Magazine
GNU Privacy Guard - Wikipedia
SHA-1 - Wikipedia


Watch "BITCOIN: The Future of Finance or Fool’s Gold?" on YouTube
Watch "But how does bitcoin actually work?" on YouTube

crystal radio

The Complete Guide on How to Build a Crystal Radio—Plus How They Work « Steampunk R&D :: WonderHowTo
Crystal radio - Wikipedia
[Eric] Talks Crystal Radios | Hackaday
Crystal Radios


cscope - Wikipedia
cyrillos/gscope: Python GTK-3 frontend for CScope
Cscope Home Page


Constructive Solid Geometry
The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
List of CAD Programs - Open Source Ecology
OpenCSG - The CSG rendering library
Topic: constructive-solid-geometries
Constructive solid geometry - Wikipedia
Constructive Solid Geometry Methods
ConstructiveSolidGeometry.jl/ at master · jtramm/ConstructiveSolidGeometry.jl
Customizing computer-aided design | MIT News
Constructive Solid Geometry
Customizing Computer-Aided Design - Tech Briefs :: Aerospace & Defense Technology
libfive/libfive: Infrastructure for solid modeling
CGAL 4.9.1 - 3D Boolean Operations on Nef Polyhedra: User Manual
openscad/OpenCSG: The CSG rendering library


Communicating sequential processes - Wikipedia


Curlie - Computers: Data Formats: Style Sheets: CSS
Cascading Style Sheets - Wikipedia
Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
CSS - Wikiversity


Code Spelunking with Ctags and Vim | Scholars— Lab


Wrapping a C library in Python: C, Cython or ctypes? - Stack Overflow
ctypes — A foreign function library for Python — Python 3.7.1 documentation


cjcliffe/CubicSDR: Cross-Platform Software-Defined Radio Application
CubicSDR - The Manual — CubicSDR stable documentation
CubicSDR | Cross-Platform and Open-Source Software Defined Radio Application

CubicSDR apt

Watch "CubicSDR Basic Setup on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with RTL-SDR Blog V3" on YouTube

CUPS - Wikipedia
apple/cups: Official CUPS Sources


bagder/everything-curl: The book documenting the curl project, the curl tool, libcurl and everything related to this.
Introduction · Everything curl
curl - Tutorial
pycurl/pycurl: PycURL - Python interface to libcurl
Everything curl
curl/curl: A command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, TFTP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, RTSP and RTMP. libcurl offers a myriad of powerful features
Introduction - Everything curl
cURL - Wikipedia
PycURL Home Page
PycURL – A Python Interface To The cURL library — PycURL documentation
15 Practical Linux cURL Command Examples (cURL Download Examples)

Curse of Ham

Curse of Ham - Wikipedia


curses (programming library) - Wikipedia


radareorg/cutter: Free and Open Source Reverse Engineering Platform powered by radare2
GitHub - rizinorg/cutter: Free and Open Source Reverse Engineering Platform powered by rizin


Cyanoacrylate - Wikipedia


cython/cython: The most widely used Python to C compiler
Welcome to Cython’s Documentation — Cython 3.0.0a9 documentation
Cython: C-Extensions for Python
Welcome to Cython’s Documentation — Cython 0.25.2 documentation
Cython - Wikipedia
Cython · PyPI


d3 Jupyter - Google Search
D3.js - Data-Driven Documents

DAC breakout

MCP4725 Breakout Board - 12-Bit DAC w/I2C Interface : ID 935 : $4.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits


MCP4725 Breakout Board - 12-Bit DAC w/I2C Interface : ID 935 : $4.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits


Directed acyclic graph - Wikipedia

Dan Jurafsky

Dan Jurafsky - Home Page

Dan Maloney

Dan Maloney | Hackaday

Daniel Stenberg

Daniel Stenberg -
bagder (Daniel Stenberg)

Darby Bible

Darby Bible - Wikipedia


bizz84 (Andrea Bizzotto)
Dart packages
Dart programming language | Dart
Dart · GitHub
Dart (programming language) - Wikipedia


Dart-on-LLVM. This is a story about an experiment to… | by Erik Corry | Dart | Medium

data science

9 obscure Python libraries for data science |
Master Python through building real-world applications (Part 1)
Towards Data Science
5 Solved end-to-end Data Science Projects in Python | by Frank Andrade | Jul, 2021 | Towards Data Science


CodyKochmann/graphdb: sqlite based graph database for storing native python objects and their relationships to each other
Igraph - Wikipedia
GraphQL - Wikipedia
NetworkX — NetworkX
Graph database - Wikipedia
Apache Cassandra
Python Graph Database | Neo4j
eugene-eeo/graphlite: embedded graph datastore
Life after 1 year of using Neo4J – Hacker Noon
GraphQL | A query language for your API
facebook/graphql: GraphQL is a query language and execution engine tied to any backend service.
Graphviz - Wikipedia
igraph – Network analysis software
Why a Multi-Model Database? | Multi-Model Database | OrientDB
A thorough guide to SQLite database operations in Python
Graph Databases: Talking about your Data Relationships with Python
The Neo4j Graph Platform – The #1 Platform for Connected Data
NetworkX - Wikipedia
globusonline/agamemnon: A graph database for python built on top of cassandra
charles leifer | Multi-threaded SQLite without the OperationalErrors

Dave Cheney

The acme of foolishness

David Barton

David Barton (author) - Wikipedia
The Founders Bible Homepage - The Founders Bible
WallBuilders - WallBuilders
The Jefferson Bible (The Life & Morals of Jesus of Nazareth)

David Bombal

Watch "David Bombal" on YouTube
Watch "Python WiFi scanner" on YouTube
Davidbombal - David Bombal

David Perry

Document Processing for Classical Languages

David Plummer

Plummer's Software LLC
PlummersSoftwareLLC/Primes: Prime Number Projects in C#/C++/Python
David Plummer (programmer) - Wikipedia
Watch "Dave's Garage" on YouTube

David Wetherall

Watch "Computer Networks by David Wetherall (University of Washington)" on YouTube
Watch "Computer Networks - University of Washington" on YouTube
David Wetherall, Instructor | Coursera
David Wetherall – Google AI
David James Wetherall - Wikipedia
David Wetherall - Google Scholar Citations
David Wetherall | UW News
Watch "zufolo zufoli" on YouTube
Watch "Computer Networks by David Wetherall (University of Washington)" on YouTube

DC microgrid

High-Power-Density DC-DC Converters in DC Microgrids | Electronic Design


jarun/ddgr: DuckDuckGo from the terminal
ddgr · PyPI


DDR4 SDRAM - Wikipedia

dead bug
Watch "Techniques and Strategies for Building Electronic Circuits" on YouTube
Watch "Freeform Circuitry // #TBT" on YouTube

Debian doc

Debian -- Documentation
Debian Reference

Debian ref

Debian Reference

Deborah Birx

Deborah Birx - Wikipedia
Deborah L. Birx, M.D. - United States Department of State


How to visually display dependencies of a package? - Ask Ubuntu
debtree - Package dependency graphs
juandesant/debtree: Clone of


Why decentralized social media platforms are the way of the future.
Minds aims to decentralize the social network – TechCrunch
4 best decentralized social networks to use in 2019
Brave browser takes step toward enabling a decentralized web - The Verge
Mozilla IoT - About
Diaspora (social network) - Wikipedia
moonmooncoin/particle: peer to peer cryptocurrency based on bitcoin
The diaspora* Project
How to build a distributed social network and how to govern it?
5 Decentralized Social Media Sites To Help #DeleteFacebook | Crypto Briefing
Distributed Social Network Projects - P2P Foundation
7 social media powered by blockchain – Hacker Noon
Turtl: The secure, collaborative notebook | Turtl
If you're thinking about building a distributed social network, you *HAVE* to ha... | Hacker News
Mastodon (software) - Wikipedia
diaspora/diaspora: A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network.
Distributed social network - Wikipedia
decentralized · GitHub Topics · GitHub
Decentralized computing - Wikipedia
Giving social networking back to you - The Mastodon Project
tootsuite/mastodon: Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community

decentralized Python

Develop your first python app for decentralized Stellar network
HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet: ZeroNet - Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network
dispy: Distributed and Parallel Computing with/for Python — dispy 4.11.0 documentation
Modern Parallel and Distributed Python: A Quick Tutorial on Ray
ray-project/ray: A fast and simple framework for building and running distributed applications. Ray is packaged with RLlib, a scalable reinforcement learning library, and Tune, a scalable hyperparameter tuning library.
Modern Parallel and Distributed Python: A Quick Tutorial on Ray - RISE Lab
GitHub - macsnoeren/python-p2p-network: Framework to easily implement decentralized peer-to-peer network applications in Python
Dask.distributed — Dask.distributed 2.6.0+9.g888675a2 documentation
ZeroNet - Wikipedia



AI Now Sees and Hears COVID in Your Lungs - Medical Design Briefs
AI now sees and hears COVID in your lungs - EPFL


Homepage | DeepMind


How to read Medium articles for free - Quora


Decentralized Finance DeFi -

DeFi Dapp

Watch "DeFi Dapps on IPFS" on YouTube

Dennis M. Freeman

deploy git

Simple automated GIT Deployment using Hooks · GitHub
How to Deploy a Website to a Remote Server Using GIT | Hacker Noon
Deploy a Project to Your Server with Git
Deploy a website to a remote server with Git push | by François Romain | Medium
Using Git for Deployment
The different ways to deploy to your server using Git - DeployHQ
How to deploy projects with Git | Buddy: The DevOps Automation Platform

Derek Banas

Watch "Derek Banas" on YouTube
Watch "Intro to Julia tutorial" on YouTube


bradtraversy/design-resources-for-developers: Curated list of design and UI resources from stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, UI libraries, tools and much more

design pattern

Software design pattern - Wikipedia


How to uninstall KDE Plasma Desktop Ubuntu - Quora
How to Install KDE Desktop Environment on Ubuntu
How to remove KDE Plasma-Desktop? - Ask Ubuntu


Thanks to the startup Desmos, the reign of the Texas Instruments $100 graphing calculator in schools is finally ending — Quartz
Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math
Eli Luberoff – CEO and Founder of Desmos | ETEC 522

Detect It Easy

GitHub - horsicq/Detect-It-Easy: Program for determining types of files for Windows, Linux and MacOS.


DevDocs API Documentation


Watch "DevDuck" on YouTube


Discrete-time Fourier transform - Wikipedia


Scientists Discover Material Harder Than Diamond


Diaspora (social network) - Wikipedia
The diaspora* Project
4 best decentralized social networks to use in 2019
diaspora/diaspora: A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network.
diaspora* social network · GitHub


Books: Dickens (sorted by popularity) - Project Gutenberg


DICT - Wikipedia


pyvoc · PyPI
wkdict · PyPI
Reddit - fdroid - Opensource dictionary
wkdict: A CLI dictionary app in your terminal app - Wenhao’s Page
Dictionary App Using Flutter. Hello coders, I created a dictionary… | by Karan Gore | Medium
wenhaoz-fengcai/wkdict: A dictionary app sits in your CLI environment
makkoncept/pyvoc: Cross-platform dictionary and vocabulary building command line tool
DICT - Wikipedia
Aard 2


dieseldev/diesel: Greenlet-based event I/O Framework for Python


How to do Binary comparison of files recursively within 2 folder paths using cmd? - Stack Overflow
Recursively compare two directories with diff -r without output on broken links - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
How to compare directories with binary files - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


Comparing and Merging Files
Diffutils - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation


DigiKey Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor

digital church

Leading a Digital Church | Preaching Today

digital circuit sim

GitHub - hneemann/Digital: A digital logic designer and circuit simulator.

digital discipleship

Walk of Faith : A New Era of Digital Discipleship - Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.
crossroads digital discipleship - Google Search
Digital Discipleship 101: The First Steps for the New American Believer to Take | The Crossroads Church
Digital discipleship amplifies Crossroads Community Church’s message -

digital electronics

Digital Electronics and Logic Design Tutorials - GeeksforGeeks
Digital Logic -
Digital Electronics Tutorial
Digital Logic Gate Tutorial - Basic Logic Gates
Digital electronics - Wikipedia
Logic Levels -

Dimitri van Heesch

doxygen (Dimitri van Heesch) · GitHub

dinosaur encyclopedia

Dinosaur - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science
The Dino Directory | Natural History Museum
Dinosaurs - Pictures and Facts
Dinosaurs - A Visual Encyclopedia - DK - 2011 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs : Umair Mirza : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Dino Directory Name A-Z - Dinosaurs beginning with the letter A | Natural History Museum

dinosaur physics

Deducing how dinosaurs moved – Physics World
The physics of dinosaurs! | Bowler Hat Science

dinosaur wiki

Dinosaur - Wikipedia


Udis86 - Disassembler Library for x86 and AMD64...
:[diStorm64}: - The Ultimate Disassembler Library
Disassembler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
b a s t a r d
DataRescue Home Page : home of the IDA Pro Disa...
Cronos World
Universal Cross Disassembler


10 Bible Verses About Making Disciples | Jesus Film Project
Discipler Training International - Maximizing Spiritual Growth for Christians
5 Principles of Discipleship from Colossians 1:28-29 - Downline Ministries


Discord | Your Place to Talk and Hang Out

discrete Fourier transform

Discrete Fourier transform - Wikipedia

discrete math

Discrete mathematics - Wikipedia


Two-dimensional displacement measurement using static close range photogrammetry and a single fixed camera — ScienceDirect
Bosch Unveils Vehicle Motion and Position Sensor
Linear encoder - Wikipedia
AS5306 - Linear position sensor for multi-pole magnetic strips - ams
LAP laser measurement sensors to measure displacement, dimensions, thickness, width, height, diameter, position, gauges, gages for automation in industry - LAP Laser systems for measurement and projection


Distributing Python Modules (Legacy version) — Python 3.8.0 documentation

Dive Into Deep Learning

Dive into Deep Learning — Dive into Deep Learning 0.16.2 documentation

Dive Into Python

Dive Into Python 3
Table of contents - Dive Into Python 3


How can I manage my Discussion List? – DreamHost Knowledge Base
About DMARC - Google Workspace Admin Help
DMARC - Wikipedia – Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance


DNA - Wikipedia


Dungeons & Dragons - Wikipedia
D&D Official Homepage | Dungeons & Dragons


Use network service discovery  |  Android Developers


Docker (software) - Wikipedia
Enterprise Container Platform | Docker
Docker Documentation | Docker Documentation
GitHub - docker/docker-ce: Docker CE

docs as code

Let's Treat Docs Like Code
Docs as Code

Doctor Striker

NMCP doctor receives ‘Building Stronger Female Physician Leaders’ award | News |


Docutils: Documentation Utilities
docutils · PyPI
Docutils Links — Docutils 3.0 documentation
Docutils: Documentation Utilities
7. Documenting Python — Python Developer's Guide
Docutils Project Documentation Overview
Docutils Project Documentation Overview


Watch "How to Replace Wiper Blades 94-01 Dodge Ram 1500" on YouTube
Dodge RAM VIN Decoder | Lookup Dodge RAM VIN and Get History with Specs

Donald Knuth

Don Knuth's Home Page


Watch "How to Hang a New Door on an Existing Jamb" on YouTube
Exterior Doors & Entry Doors | Therma-Tru Doors
Watch "How to Install a New Door in an Old Space" on YouTube
Watch "Installing a Barn Door on a Master Bathroom" on YouTube
How to Install an Interior Door That Is Not Prehung | Home Guides | SF Gate
Watch "How to Install a Fiberglass Entry Door | This Old House" on YouTube
Watch "How to Hang a New Front Door in an Existing Frame | This Old House" on YouTube

Dorsey Armstrong

Armstrong, Dorsey 1970- [WorldCat Identities]
Dorsey Armstrong - Wikipedia
Watch "TBD" on YouTube


.NET Framework - Wikipedia
.NET | Free. Cross-platform. Open Source.
microsoft/dotnet: This repo is the official home of .NET on GitHub. It's a great starting point to find many .NET OSS projects from Microsoft and the community, including many that are part of the .NET Foundation.


OpenSCAD - dotSCAD - An OpenSCAD library
dotSCAD 2.2.1 | dotSCAD
JustinSDK/dotSCAD: Reduce the burden of mathematics when playing OpenSCAD


doxygen (Dimitri van Heesch) · GitHub
Doxygen: Main Page
Doxygen - Wikipedia
GitHub - doxygen/doxygen: Official doxygen git repository

Dr James Dobson

Dr James Dobson - Pornography: Addictive, Progressive and Deadly - YouTube
Pornography is a Huge Threat to Boys
Search Results
Pornography- A Public Health Crisis Part 1

Dr Nathaniel M. Boyer

Nathaniel M. Boyer MD | PeaceHealth

Dr Quantum


Dr. Steven A. Austin

Dr. Steve Austin - Free Videos & Articles - Is Genesis History?
Watch "What Do Floating Log Mats Have to Do with Noah's Flood? - Dr. Steve Austin" on YouTube
Steve Austin PhD - Dr. Steven A. Austin is a geologist with a Ph.D. in sedimentary geology and is building an elevated view of both Science and Scripture.
Geologic catastrophe and the young earth -
Steve Austin - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science
Watch "Why I am a Creationist - Dr. Steve Austin, Geologist (Conf Lecture)" on YouTube
Dr Steven A Austin -
Steve Austin | logosresearchers


Wessex (England)
Wessex - Wikipedia

Dragon Book

Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools - Wikipedia
books/Dragon Book Compilers Principle Techniques and Tools 2nd Edtion.pdf at master · muthukumarse/books

Dragon Harald Fairhair

Watch "Storm in The Labrador Sea" on YouTube
Watch "Leaving Island, sailing to Greeland" on YouTube
Draken Harald Hårfagre - Wikipedia
(243) Storm in The Labrador Sea - YouTube
Watch "20160716 Draken in Bay City" on YouTube
Blackheart Forge: Draken Harald Harfagre- Bay City, MI
Watch "Maintenance onboard Draken summer 2015" on YouTube
Watch "Draken Harald Hårfagre - Mystic Seaport, Connecticut" on YouTube
Watch "Viking DNA expert leads longboat raid to Norway" on YouTube
Watch "Breakfast onboard Draken with cook Jan Gullbrandsson" on YouTube
Watch "Draken Harald Hårfagre departs Plymouth! - Drone Footage!" on YouTube
Watch ""Chasing the Dragon": Viking Longship Draken Harald Harfagre in Michigan" on YouTube
Watch "From Shetland to Faroe Islands" on YouTube
Watch "Draken in the North Sea storm" on YouTube
Watch "Draken Harald Hårfagre" on YouTube
Draken Harald Hårfagre


Draugr - Wikipedia


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed - Free Ebook
Drawing - Wikipedia
Books about Drawing (sorted by popularity) - Project Gutenberg
Learning to See by Drawing | LifeCraft
The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Elements of Drawing, by John Ruskin
Watch "Walid Feghali" on YouTube

drawing book

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

drawing fav

RapidFireArt Realistic Drawing Tutorials
Watch "LethalChris Drawing" on YouTube
(431) RapidFireArt - YouTube

drawing supplies

Best Drawing Supplies List for Beginners | RapidFireArt


DreamHost | Web Hosting For Your Purpose

DreamHost Discussions

How do I create a Discussion List? – DreamHost Knowledge Base

DreamHost ftp

DreamHost File Manager

DreamHost htaccess

Force your site to load securely with an .htaccess file – DreamHost

DreamHost Java

Java – DreamHost Knowledge Base

DreamHost PHP

php.ini overview – DreamHost

DreamHost Python

Python overview – DreamHost

DreamHost SQLite

Command Line Shell For SQLite
SQLite – DreamHost

DreamHost WordPress

WordPress security – DreamHost


drive image

Clonezilla - About

drive partition

[How to] Move and Resize partition in Hard Disk Manager for Mac › Knowledge Base
Partition a physical disk in Disk Utility on Mac - Apple Support
GParted -- A free application for graphically managing disk device partitions
How to resize disk partition in macOS | Macworld
EFI system partition - Wikipedia
Watch "MBR and GPT Partition Tables" on YouTube


Diode logic - Wikipedia


facebookresearch/droidlet: A modular embodied agent architecture and platform for building embodied agents


ArduPilot Open Source Autopilot
If rust never sleeps, drone will find it on Navy ship
8 open source drone projects |
3DR Site Scan - The Drone Data Platform for AEC | 3DR
Blogs – DIY Drones
USS Boxer Used Electronic Jamming To Take Down Iranian Drone, Pentagon Sources Say : NPR
Home - Teal Drones
Arduino based Arducopter UAV, the open source multi-rotor - Arducopter, the open source UAV multicopter

drone boat

We Can't Tell if China’s 'Sea Lizard' Drone-Boat-Tank Thing Is a Harbinger or Gimmick
China builds first armed amphibious tracked drone boat | April 2019 Global Defense Security army news industry | Defense Security global news industry army 2019 | Archive News year
Navy’s revolutionary Sea Hunter drone ship being tested out of Pearl Harbor - News - Stripes
Navy's Sea Hunter Drone Ship Is Getting A New Owner, New Abilities, and a Sister - The Drive
Navy Arms Unmanned Attack Drone Boats With Weapons, Guns & Missiles
Navy's Sea Hunter Drone Ship Has Sailed Autonomously To Hawaii And Back Amid Talk Of New Roles - The Drive
Marine drone, Autonomous surface vehicle - All boating and marine industry manufacturers - Videos
Navy to test 'ghost fleet' attack drone boats in war scenarios | Fox News
Here’s why the Corps strapped a counter-drone system to the deck of a warship in the Suez Canal
U.S. Navy's Drone Boat Swarm Practices Harbor Defense


benkrasnow/DSKY_EL_replica: Schematic, PCB layout, mechanical CAD, and firmware to create a replica of the DSKY with electroluminescent display


scikit-dsp-comm · PyPI
mwickert/SP-Comm-Tutorial-using-scikit-dsp-comm: A Tutorial on Signal Processing and Communications Using scikit-dsp-comm Including Software Defined Radio
mwickert/scikit-dsp-comm: A collection of functions and classes to support signal processing and communications theory teaching and research
scikit-dsp-comm | A collection of functions and classes to support signal processing and communications theory teaching and research


Diode–transistor logic - Wikipedia


DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified.
ddgr · PyPI
DuckDuckGo Search Syntax | DuckDuckGo Help Pages
jarun/ddgr: DuckDuckGo from the terminal
DuckDuckGo · GitHub


These technologists think the internet is broken. So they're building another one.
Introducing the Dweb - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Decentralized web / dWeb - what is it? | Hacker Noon
Will Dweb (decentralized web) transform the internet as we know today? | Digit
The rise of the Decentralized Web (DWeb) and what you need to know. | by Giles Crouch | Data Driven Investor | Medium
The Decentralized Web. Explaining the Impending DWeb Explosion | by Steven McKie | Amentum | Medium
DistributedWeb/dweb: New Protocol For The Decentralized Web
Web 3 Explained | Free dWeb Directory | Decentralised

dynamic DNS

Build your own DynDNS - Arkanis Development

dynamic email

Take action and stay up-to-date with dynamic email in Gmail

Dynamics and Control

1. Introduction to Sympy and the Jupyter Notebook for engineering calculations — Dynamics and Control with Jupyter Notebooks 0.0.1 documentation
Dynamics and control — Dynamics and Control with Jupyter Notebooks 0.0.1 documentation


EAGLE (program) - Wikipedia
Download EAGLE | Free Download | Autodesk
Index of /eagle/
Index of /eagle/program/

ebook manager epy

GitHub - wustho/epy: CLI Ebook (epub2, epub3, fb2, mobi) Reader


ECMAScript® 2020 Language Specification


ECMAScript - Wikipedia
ECMAScript® 2020 Language Specification

Ecosia search

Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees


Welcome - Fritzing
PcbNew Features | KiCad EDA
PCB designing using KiCAD - From Schematic to Gerber file | EngineersGarage
gEDA Project's Homepage
Feed - Quora
Getting To Blinky 4.0 | Contextual Electronics
FOSSEE/eSim: This repository contain source code for new flow of FreeEDA now know as eSim
homebrew-kicad/ at master · metacollin/homebrew-kicad
Tutorials | KiCad EDA
Fritzing Fritzing
Symbiotic EDA – tools to make digital designers more productive
Doulos - Global Independent Leaders in Design and Verification KnowHow
teho Labs | KiCAD Tutorial
PCB Design & Schematic Software | EAGLE | Autodesk
gEDA Project's Homepage - Open source rules EDA
Open Source CAD Tools - VLSI Academy
Static Free Software Home Page
GitHub - rheingoldheavy/arduino_uno_r3_from_scratch: Complete KiCad Arduino UNO R3 Schematic and BOM
Home | eSim
Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite :: About
Reproducible Diagram Generators – First Thoughts on Electrical Circuit Diagrams – OUseful.Info, the blog…
KiCad - Goodbye, Microsoft®
It’s Time to Finally Figure Out How to Use KiCAD | Hackaday
Main Page - KiCad EDA Suite Official Wiki
ExpressPCB - Free PCB layout software - Low cos...
Comparison of EDA software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
KiCad - Wikipedia
Tools :: OpenCores
Circuit Simulator Applet
EEVblog Electronics Community Forum - Index
Designing PCBs in Kicad and PcbNew
Forum for Electronics
ahkab - An electronic circuit simulator written in Python - Google Project Hosting
Home | eSim
Open Circuit Design
Watch "Verilog Lectures" on YouTube
Made with kicad | KiCad EDA
Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Software -
Compiling - kicad
NGSPICE Online simulator
Eagle to KiCad made easy | Hackaday
gEDA - Wikipedia


JulNadeauCA/edacious: Agar-based Electronics Design Automation toolkit (beta)


Watch "eDEX-UI - Fullscreen Terminal Inspired By Hollywood" on YouTube
Watch "The COOLEST Linux Terminal App I've Ever Seen!" on YouTube

edge computing

Arm unveils two lightweight NPUs for edge AI
Edge computing - Wikipedia
Watch "Explaining Edge Computing" on YouTube


The Eric Python IDE
Leo's Home Page
Top 3 open source Python IDEs |
Leo (text editor) - Wikipedia
leo-editor · GitHub


EDN - Voice of the Engineer


Trivium - Wikipedia

Edward Snowden

Watch "The FULL Snowden Interview" on YouTube
Watch ""It's Happening NOW! You Have Been Warned" | Edward Snowden" on YouTube


Watch "edX" on YouTube
edX | Free Online Courses by Harvard, MIT, & more | edX


EEVblog – No Script, No Fear, All Opinion


EFI system partition - Wikipedia

EGGN 281

Watch "EGGN 281 Lecture 1 - Course Introduction and Circuit Fundamentals" on YouTube


EinsteinPy - Making Einstein possible in Python — EinsteinPy
einsteinpy/einsteinpy: Repository for the EinsteinPy core package


Embedded Linux Conference home


Jean-LouisH/ElecCirSim: Real-time analogue and digital circuit simulation.

electric potential sensor

Walls And Distance Won’t Inhibit Electric Potential Sensor | Electronic Design
EPIC: A New Epoch in Electric Potential Sensing | Sensors Magazine

electrical machines

12 Basic Motor Types Used For Industrial Electric Drives | EEP
EE564 Design of Electrical Machines


Manual - MEEP Documentation
ECE3110 Electromagnetic Fields I
IPython Notebook for Electromagnetism | Elektromagnetisme
GSoC 2013 Application Sachin Joglekar: Electromagnetism module · sympy/sympy Wiki
NanoComp/meep: free finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) software for electromagnetic simulations
Scalar and Vector Field Functionality — SymPy 1.5.1 documentation


Electron | Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
Documentation | Electron

electronic engineering

electrical-engineering · GitHub Topics · GitHub


Folkscanomy Electronics: Books on Electronics, Circuits and Processors : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive
25 Free Electronics Ebooks | Engineers Learning Corner

electronics kit

Electronic project kits: hands on with a vintage 160-in-1 | by R. X. Seger | Medium

electronics projects

Best Electronic Circuit Projects
Spark Fun Electronics

electronics surplus

Electronic Surplus - Electrical, Electronics & Electromechanical Supplies

electronics vendor

Popular Electronic Components Manufacturers |
2020 Top 50 Electronics Distributors List | Source Today
Newark Electronics | Electronic Components Distributor
DigiKey Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor
Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, LED LCD TV, Digital Cameras and more -
Electronic Components Distributor - Mouser Electronics
Thomasnet® - Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery Platform - Find North American Manufacturers, Suppliers and Industrial Companies
List of integrated circuit manufacturers - Wikipedia
SparkFun Electronics
Pololu - Mechanical Components
Electronic Surplus - Electrical, Electronics & Electromechanical Supplies
Jameco Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor
Teensy USB Development Board

Eli Luberoff

Eli Luberoff – CEO and Founder of Desmos | ETEC 522

Eliran Wong

ECC London » Eliran Wong
GitHub - eliranwong/bible-verse-parser: A python parser to parse bible verse references in plain text file(s)
Marvel Bible: Marvellous Bible Resources
Marvel Bible: Marvellous Bible Resources
Home · eliranwong/UniqueBible Wiki · GitHub
Installation · eliranwong/UniqueBible Wiki
eliranwong/UniqueBible: A cross-platform bible application, integrated with high-quality resources and amazing features, running offline in Windows, macOS and Linux
Watch "Eliran Wong" on YouTube

Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot - Wikipedia

Elise Stefanik

Elon Musk

Watch "Elon Musk’s 2 Rules For Learning Anything Faster" on YouTube
Watch "Elon Musk - How to Learn Anything" on YouTube
elon musk learning - Google Search
Watch "First Principles: Elon Musk's Method of Thinking" on YouTube
Watch "The First Principles Method Explained by Elon Musk" on YouTube
Elon Musks’ “3-Step” First Principles Thinking: How to Think and Solve Difficult Problems Like a Genius

Elvira Fortunato

Elvira Fortunato - Wikipedia


GNU Emacs - GNU Project
A guided tour of Emacs


Embecosm – The Open Source Software Tool Chain Experts
Watch "Embecosm" on YouTube

Nuts and Volts Magazine. The Electronics Magazi...
Homepage - MinnowBoard
Tinkerforge · GitHub
Particle: Connect your Internet of Things (IoT) devices
X-bit labs
Helmet Telemetry
Eight ways the Internet of Things will change the way we live and work - The Globe and Mail
Arduino - HomePage
Can Arm Survive RISC-V Challenge? | EE Times
Embedded Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) and Embedded ...
Python’s Big Push into the Embedded Space | Electronic Design
uClinux™ -- Embedded Linux Microcontroller Proj...
IoT Institute
embedded systems, sbc, rtos, uml, wireless reso...
96Boards- 32- and 64-bit ARM Boards - Develop & Prototype ARM
Real-Time and Embedded Systems related magazines
The Things Network
Employment Outlook for Embedded Systems
Micromega: Home Page
DeLorme - Employment - Embedded Systems Engineer
Embedded Systems - Wikibooks, collection of ope...
The Future of IoT: Trends, Growth & Megatrend Predictions
HPCwire Home Page
PC/104 Embedded-PC Modules
Microcontrollers | Single Board Computer | C Language Embedded Systems | C Programmable Computer Boards | C Programming Documentation
Military Embedded Systems
[Report] Embedded Systems Technology Future Mar...
Embedded Computing Design
Virginia Tech Tackles Head Injuries Using Wireless
Embedded Systems : Jobs, Employment, Freelance ...
Welcome to Ardence
Android Things  |  Android Developers
MicroPython - Python for microcontrollers
Embedded systems market to reach $6 billion by ...
Interrupt latency - Wikipedia
White-papers | Articles | Technical papers | Em...
BEC Systems - Home
Android Things Gets Official 1.0 Release. Wait, What the Heck Is Android Things?
High Growth Expected in the Worldwide Embedded ...
SSI Embedded Systems
The future of IoT: Where it's heading, what to expect
Open source and technical communities consulting. - AB Open
All-You-Need Mini PC Android + Linux + Arduino | UDOO -- All About Linux-powered Dev...
Helmet Telemetry
Build with Android Things
Metastability in electronics - Wikipedia
embedded system Resources on BNET
Coridium Corporation - Networked Control System...
Sun Beams Linux/Java at Mobile Phones
MCC - Small Area Network Specialists
HRI - Hardware Recycling Initiative
The Things Network
5 Predictions on the future of the Internet of Things
Home | Tinkerforge
Embedded Ethernet
Node-RED - Breaking Business and Technology ...
Embedded Systems Design -the Magazine Home Page
ESE Magazine - Home
Startup Taps into Open-Source Shift in the Internet of Things
10 Predictions for the Future of IoT - OpenMind
iPack Stackable Board Format
ISTweb - Components and Systems - Embedded syst...

embedded business

SWYM Consulting

embedded ml

How to combine machine learning and embedded systems? Where to start and what to study - Quora
5 Reasons Embedded Developers Should Care about Machine Learning | Design News
Reality AI - Machine Learning for Embedded product development
Applying machine learning in embedded systems | Embedded
Deep Learning for the Real-Time Embedded World | CEVA
Why Machine Learning and Why Now?
The Embedded Learning Library - Embedded Learning Library (ELL)
Machine learning may be most useful in tiny, embedded, offline processors – Boing Boing
Space missions gaining vision, precision, autonomy - Military Embedded Systems
Machine Learning on Tiny Platforms Like Raspberry Pi and Arduino | Hackaday
embedded machine learning - Google Scholar
Microsoft/ELL: Embedded Learning Library
How to work with machine learning algorithms in embedded systems? - Stack Overflow
Seventeen Machine Learning Tools
Machine Learning hardware usage in embedded applications - Artificial Intelligence Stack Exchange
Machine Learning Invades Embedded Applications | Electronic Design

Emmanuel Leblond

About // // Open source & Python lover


High Accuracy Magnetic Linear Scale Tape
Linear encoder - Wikipedia
Linear Magnetic Encoder Test – My DIY Electronics Projects
Capacitive Sensing: A Paradigm Shift for Encoders
New FASTRACK™ linear encoder scale system combines high accuracy, tape scale convenience and unrivalled ruggedness
Dynapar DIY Rotary Encoders and Linear Encoders Kits


Rain Power: Droplet-Based Energy Generator Lights Up 100 LEDs - Tech Briefs
How to Generate Electricity — From Rust - Tech Briefs

engineering courseware

Engineers Garage

Electronic Projects, Electrical Engineering Resources and Makers Articles

Englishman's Greek

The Englishman's Greek concordance of the New Testament : being an attempt at a verbal connection between the Greek and the English texts, including a concordance to the proper names, with indexes, Greek- English, and English-Greek : Wigram, George V : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

entropy waves

[math/0406038] Entropy waves, the zig-zag graph product, and new constant-degree


mgard/epater: An ARM emulator in Python for educational purposes

Equifax claim

Home | Equifax Data Breach Settlement

Erwin Coumans

Watch "Erwin Coumans" on YouTube

Erwin Kreyszig

Erwin Kreyszig - Wikipedia
ChocolatePadmanaban/Solutions-For-Kreszig-Advanced-Engineering-Mathematics: Applied Mathematics

Esme Creed-Miles

Esme Creed-Miles - Wikipedia


ESP32 - Wikipedia


Interface Base Specification for the Enhanced Serial Peripheral...


History of espionage - Wikipedia


Estefannie Explains It All
Watch "Estefannie Explains It All" on YouTube


Etcher USB Creator Download (Latest Version) — Etcher
balena-io/etcher: Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.
balenaEtcher - Home


Home |

Ethernet cable

Watch "Wiring Ethernet Extensions: How to Fit Sockets & Make Patch Leads" on YouTube

Ethernet real-time

Industrial Ethernet - Wikipedia
Real-Time Ethernet -
5 Real-Time, Ethernet-Based Fieldbuses Compared | ManufacturingTomorrow
Fieldbus - Wikipedia


Mathematician Makes Euler Equations ‘Blow Up’ | Quanta Magazine

Everything curl

Introduction - Everything curl


EVGA - Products - EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC GAMING, 08G-P4-3172-KR, 8GB GDDR6, Dual HDB Fans, RGB LED, Metal Backplate - 08G-P4-3172-KR

Excel Turing complete

Microsoft: Turning Excel into a Turing-complete programming language - TechRepublic


High-Speed, Secure & Anonymous VPN Service | ExpressVPN

external hdd WD 12TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive, USB 3.0 - WDBWLG0120HBK-NESN: Computers & Accessories
Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB Desktop Hard Drive with Rescue Data Recovery Services Seagate (STEB6000403) Expansion Desktop 6TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0 For PC Laptop: Computers & Accessories

Fabrice Salvaire

FabriceSalvaire (Fabrice Salvaire)
FabriceSalvaire/PySpice: PySpice is a Python 3 module to generate and steer SPICE electronic circuit, to simulate them and finally analyse the output using Python.

face generator

facebookarchive/eyescream: natural image generation using ConvNets
[1802.00390] Face Synthesis with Landmark Points from Generative Adversarial Networks and Inverse Latent Space Mapping
carpedm20/DCGAN-tensorflow: A tensorflow implementation of "Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks"
andrewsommerlot/GAN-Face-Generation: Testing out a GAN containing a generator and discriminator with convolutional and fully coneected layers, using a celebrity faces dataset
hparik11/face-generation: Using generative adversarial networks (GAN) to generate new images of faces from celebrity images.
mr-ravin/GAN-Face-Generation: In this project, I have used generative adversarial networks to generate new images of faces, over CelebA dataset.
aleju/face-generator: Generate human faces with neural networks
zackthoutt/face-generation-gan: GAN that generates faces
byanofsky/gan-face-generation: Image generation of faces and hand written numbers using a Generative Adversarial Network
Lodur03/GAN-Face-Generation: Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) to generate realistic faces. Developed as coursework in the "Deep Learning Fundamentals" Nanodegree @ Udacity
jamesrequa/Face-Generation-GAN: I use generative adversarial (GAN) networks to generate new images of faces.
nvmoyar/dlnd-gan-face-generation: Use of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN's) to generate new images of faces.
[1803.11182] Towards Open-Set Identity Preserving Face Synthesis
Celebrity Face Generation using GANs (Tensorflow Implementation)


Saddleback Church - One Family, Many Locations. Help. Healing. Hope.
Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer - Wikipedia
Dinosaurs—Part of God's Creation | Creation Today
Stephen C. Meyer - Wikipedia
Defending Biblical Christianity | Reasonable Faith
William Maillis, Child Genius, Wants to Prove the Existence of God
Home | EFCA
Steve McQueen: American Icon | The Book
Valley Church
Stephen Meyer on Intelligent Design What is the origin of digital information found in DNA? | Multimedia Library
The Greatest Thing in the World: an Overview of Romans 1-7 - Desiring God
Little Pilgrim's Progress: From John... book by Helen L. Taylor
Read and Study the Bible Online - Search, Find Verses
S. M. Lockridge - Wikipedia
Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace - Christian Apologetics
Gosnell | Theater Information
ravi zacharias - Google Search
stephen meyer intelligent design - Google Search
sermon to the birds - Google Search
The Truth Project
James Tour - Wikipedia

Falstad circuit sim

Circuit Simulator Applet
SEVA77/circuitjs1: This is my variant of standalone (offline) version of the Circuit Simulator.
pfalstad/circuitjs1: Electronic Circuit Simulator in the Browser
CEBA77/circuitjs1: The source code for desktop version of the Circuit Simulator.
Vinyasi/circuitjs1-falstad-vinyasi: Resistors can now be negative ohms and reciprocal (Mho's Law): Current equals Resistance divided by Voltage. Expanded coupling coefficient on transformers. Added scientific notation spanning 10e48. BTW, William Lyne says that the electromagnetic force is 10e40 times greater than...
GitHub - hausen/circuit-simulator: Paul Falstad's circuit simulator (with improvements)
GitHub - sharpie7/circuitjs1: Electronic Circuit Simulator in the Browser
Circuit Simulator Applet

fantastic flying drones

Watch "Festo's Fantastical Flying Robots" on YouTube

Fantasy Map Gen

Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator v 0.9b